My 1 Year Anniversary Since I Joined Drivetribe!

Yes, it's been an incredible 1 year since I joined!

3w ago

I still remember the day I joined. I remember asking my mom if I could get Drivetribe and thankfully she said yes! I remember setting up my account and filling my garage with wonderful cars! And that's only the beginning!

The Incredible Journey

Over the 1 year of being on Drivetribe, I have changed as a person a lot! When I first joined I really only made cringe-worthy posts, but now I have started writing articles, making quizzes, and I have even joined the Creators Program!

My Very First Post:

My Best Article:

My Most Popular Post:

Before I share the link I want to give a back story. John Coleman decided to combine a bunch of old unused aviation-based tribes to make Drivetribe's official aviation tribe: Plane Tribe. As John and many of my fellow Drivetribers know, I am currently a student pilot pursuing a career in aviation. John knowing that asked me one day if I wanted to be the leader of this tribe and of course, I said yes! To christen the tribe I was originally going to write an article but it turned out horrible. So I asked John what I should do and he said to make a quiz. Unexpectedly, this quiz got over 250 bumps and 40k views making it by far my most popular post!

Plane Tribe:


Along this incredible journey, I have met some amazing people such as: Nate A, Will Stockett, Joe Boater, Vincent Hohlich, Ethan Degge, Kyle Hughes, Isaac Bender, Micha Davis, Brodey Johnson, Elliot Marshall, Lukas Shepherd, Amogh Hapiholi, Ferdi Kamphuis, Jane Fyffe, Madj Minj, Nicholas Clayden, Jacob Brindle, the crazy Shut Up And Let Me Speak, and many more!!! All of these people have been amazing and thanks for all the support! Along the journey, I have met some not so amazing people and several I wish I would have never met *cough cough* my ex.

Throttle Girl:

There is no way I could write this article without talking about Throttle Girl! She is my best friend on Drivetribe and we are super close! She is an amazing person and I love talking to her! She is the reason why I started writing articles! She is the reason why I am in the Creators Program! She is the reason why I started watching and loving F1! She is the reason for who I am today!!! I would not be where I am today without her support and friendship! She is an amazing person and my closest friend! So if there was one thing I could say to her would be: Thank you! Thank you for being my best friend and always there for me! Thank you for all the support that you've given me! Thanks for everything!!!

The Incredible Journey:

This 1 year on Drivetribe has been amazing! In this 1 year journey, I have gotten 174 followers, over half a million views, and 29.4k bumps! I have met some amazing people many of which I love to talk to! I have come really far as a person and I'm really happy with who I became! Thank you to everyone who supported me on this journey, I love ya'll!!!

Thanks, Everyone For Everything! I Have A Present For Ya'll:

Face Reveal!!!

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  • Congrats! It’s coming up 3 years for me...yikes I need a life.

      26 days ago
  • Congrats! And you are so kind Nolan! I’m glad i found you on DT as well!

      26 days ago
  • Congratulations Nolan i hope you stay on here longer and enjoy drivetribe more

      25 days ago
  • Congratulations, Nolan! You joined Drive Tribe on an iconic day and you've been iconic yourself. Keep up your amazing work! You will have my support!!

      26 days ago
  • Congrats! :D Even though we don’t agree on some car related things it’s still great to debate that stuff with you.

      25 days ago
    • How long has that been going on if you don’t mind me asking?

        25 days ago
    • It’s mainly just EV stuff. I like it for some reasons, he doesn’t (which is fine, EVs aren’t quite to the point of being able to take over ICE cars), so it’s only when there’s an article talking about it.

        25 days ago