- Such a nice Centenario! (Dealership Spot)

My 10 Best Spots of 2020

I had an insane first year of Car Spotting in 2020. Check out some awesome dealer ship spots at O'Gara Coach San Diego and in my neighborhood!

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Even though 2020 kind of sucked, it wasn't the worst. Making the best of it, I decided to try a new hobby that I saw some people on YouTube doing, for example this guy called Supercars on the Streets who films supercars and Hypercars in London, England. I've seen a few cool cars in my neighborhood, and I wondered what I could see if I went out every day when I was running and find some cool cars. Also I saw an SVJ and Mercedes- McLaren SLR but that was summer of 2020 when I was Carspotting.

10. McLaren 570s

The 10th looking McLaren I've seen in my whole life! This Fistral Blue is absolutely stunning! This McLaren 570s was spotted outside my neighborhood Vons. It's probably the best color I've ever seen! Spotted in May, 2020 in Walnut, California United States. I know that two rich people in my city have the exact same color of these, one is a coupe and one is a spyder. (Wild Spot)- Probably my favorite color.

9. McLaren 720s

Three 300K+ Matching 720s buddies lined up at McLaren San Diego. How cool is that? The 720s is my favorite McLaren model and my 5th favorite car. How cool to see 3 of them lined up and they're exactly the same. I really like the 720s with the wing up so I took a picture of the first 720s in the lineup. (Dealership Spot)

8. Ferrari 458 Speciale

The 8th best spot is a dealership spot at Ferrari of San Diego's old location in La Jolla, California. As you can see, the showroom was dark because San Diego's Ferrari moved away around last year. I did the best that I could to capture this rare prancing horse without it's car cover on. Saw this on Christmas Night in 2020. (Dealership Spot)

7. Lamborghini Huracan Performante Spyder

The 7th top ranking spot of 2020 was the Lamborghini Huracan Perfomante Spyder next to the #1 spot of 2020 at O'Gara's Showroom in December 2020. I remember seeing my first Performante Coupe like at the exact day last year that I saw this Spyder. There's so actually image on the Perfomante, sadly :( but here's some small images and shots. (Dealership Spot)

6. Ferrari 488 Pista

Here's when the photo quality gets better. I was randomly watching from my Carspotting location and being unhappy from a kind-of failed GTR R35 footage and thinking about whenever I would randomly see an Aventador and a random 488 Pista just pulls up and stops at a red light. I remember freaking out at an intersection and was kind of embarrassing. My mom's phone didn't have any storage so I took some photos and posted on DriveTribe. That was my first ever post on DriveTribe and it was the Dec.20-27 best spots but only 1.7% of people liked it. Whatever, I'm still proud with my spot. Probably the best car that I've seen in the wild and in my city. (Wild Spot) -I only posted one image on DriveTribe, here's some unposted photos.

Link to my post:

5. McLaren 765LT

I remember Doug Demuro saying that the 765LT would be coming to McLaren San Diego sometime soon in late 2020. On Christmas, I decided that I wanted to see one so I went to McLaren San Diego! Good thing they had a white 765LT still there! It was SOLD and some rich guy had bought it for a good 350K or so. My first impressions were alright, but its not as good as my favorite McLaren, the 720s. Really like the four exhaust pipes at the back. (Dealership Spot)

4. McLaren 720s LM, (1/50 Ever Produced)

Due to the 25th Anniversary of the 24 Hours of Le Mans Victory in 1995, McLaren Automotive made a 720s LM version. You've probably heard of McLaren F1 LM or McLaren Senna LM or the P1 LM. All of these cars are pretty race-car looking. For example, the Senna LM has changed headlights, kind of. They all have the iconic LM wheels, so does the 720s LM. This exact model costs $352,650 and there are only 19 in the United States. I saw this rare McLaren on the internet and I was really surprised to see it in person. The gray color is pretty nice, the only colors provided are Sarthe Grey on this model and McLaren Orange. The rear is also shown in the 765LT picture, above. Boasts carbon fenders, air intake thing kind of like the GT3 RS and a functional roof scoop! (Dealership Spot) Seen on Christmas Night, 2020.

Link to car:

Learn about the 720s LM:

3. Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse

More Info:

Official Sale:

2. Bugatti Chiron

Probably one of the fastest cars in the world, this 1000HP W16 Beast is hidden at the back of the showroom. If you don't look closely, you may never see it! This is one of my favorite hypercars that I've seen, besides for #1 on this list and that random $11,000,000 McLaren F1. I didn't recognize that Black Chiron hidden during Christmas night, but the next day I saw it there at the back of the showroom. I thought it was a Huracan or Aventador! (Dealership Spot)

1. Lamborghini Centenario

Yes, the best car of 2020 had to be a Lamborghini. A 6.5 Liter V12 one. The one of the front page of this article, the orange Centenario coupe, one of 50 ever made and once owned by a Arab Sheikh. Its on sale for 2.6-2.8 Million at Lamborghini Las Vegas and other places. I was really excited to see this, probably the first Lambo I've seen since August. At the front of the showroom, was the million dollar Hypercar! (Dealership Spot)

More info:


Wait, it's not the last car! There's more!

My favorite spot of 2020: McLaren 600LT

It turned out that my favorite spot was my second favorite McLaren. There's a McLaren GT, 2 G63 Wagons, a Bentley Bentayga and a Genesis GV80 SUV at the back. I loved the McLaren 600LT, especially with the weird exhaust! A chill McLaren employee let me sit in the 600LT with the doors up! The 600LT had just rolled up to the dealership, and was the only 600LT at the McLaren store. What an experience! Special Thanks to that guy!

Gallery: 2020 Car Spotting

A nice trio of an orange McLaren GT, Ferrari 488 GTB w/ carbon fiber wing and Aston Martin V8 Vantage!

Orange McLaren GT, White 720s w/orange Callipers, 720s, Ventura Orange 570s, Blue McLaren GT.

I went here on Christmas night, the cars were all freezing in the temperature. Now, they're chilling under the sun near the ocean.

McLaren GT, McLaren 720s, Orange McLaren 720s, McLaren 650s and BMW M8 Competition

McLaren 650s, very interesting and nice spec

650s interior and G-Wagon

M8 Competition Badge

Aston Martin Vantage, Urus, Performante Spyder

2020 Bentley Flying Spur

A very nice gray Rolls Royce Wraith Convertible with a giant red ribbon on it!

Enough with Dealership Spots... Let's get the Wild Supercars!

Here's a few clips of my top spots!

What were your favorite spots from the Top 10?

That's 2020 Car Spotting

Thanks for reading about my best supercars of 2020! Stay safe and good luck spotting!

Also, if you would like to see extra footage on WILD spots and more dealership videos, click here to my YouTube Video.


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  • A couple of times when I was at my mom’s in Michigan I have seen a few McLarens.

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  • I don't consider dealership and show "spots". You've seen the car, but haven't spotted it. I get that everyone has a different opinion of what is a "spot", but for me it has to be driving on the road, or parked somewhere (not in a meet).

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    • Yeah, true. But you never see a hypercar on the road though. I've only seen that Pista and a few aventadors. Your luck has to be really good to see a random hypercar.

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  • lambos were my fav

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