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M​y 10 car pet peeves.

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1​. Calling a BMW a Bimmer, BM, Bovine, etc

I​t is a BMW call it a BMW. This is number one because it annoys me the most. I am sure someone is going to say Bimmer in the comments.

2​. People who Call a BMW SAV an SUV.

I​t is all over BMW's website that their X models are SAVs

3​. Not using your blinkers or using them wrong.

I​t is ironic with me being a BMW driver to say this, but I abide by the rules of the road. I wish other people did the same.

4​. Texting and driving

I​ spend on average 8 hrs. on the highway a week and I see so many people on their phones not paying attention.

5​. People right on my bumper.

W​hen you are going 60-70 mph you do not need to be an inch away from my bumper. In the south of the US (where I live) it is truck drivers and Honda CRV/Lexus drivers who are bad about doing this. If this is an issue for you just turn on your windshield washers for a few seconds. Some of the spray will get on their car and they will back off.

6​. People who park right beside me 3 mm away (this is an exaggeration) in the middle of nowhere.

I feel people do this on purpose. I have a lot of issues with this. Facing this problem most places I go. I posted recently about this.

7​. People who do not go the speed limit (meaning under).

T​his gets on my nerves because it is usually a nice older couple in their 80s doing their grocery shopping for the week going 25 in a 40 mph zone. It's hard to be mad at older people.

8​. Potholes are the worst!

I​ live in South Carolina. I have also been to several 3rd world countries. Their roads are better there. I can't tell you how many trips I have made to the shop for a re-alignment.

9​. People who put a loud exhaust system on their car.

I​ like a good sounding engine, but I don't want to hear it 1 mile away.

1​0. People being stereotypical about BMW drivers.

I​t only takes one to label everyone. it does not matter the brand. You see one or two people doing something wrong and you tag that type of car. Also, that BMW drivers are aggressive. I am not an aggressive driver I am a defensive driver.

A​ defensive driver is someone who follows the rules and prepares for everything that could happen. Preventing wrecks and not causing them.

T​hanks for reading!!!!!!

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  • About the SAV and SUV, you cant get angry at people as it is in the SUV category and they do look like SUVs so calm down about that one. Other than that one it's all good mate ! 👍

    17 days ago
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  • What annoys me is that BMW calls their SUV an SAV. A) they didn't invent the genre, and B) Sports Activity?

    16 days ago
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