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My 10 favourite classic Ferraris!

Through the years, Ferrari have made some of the best poster supercars. However, many of the poster cars of yesteryear are now desirable classics. Some of which are very very valuable. After reading a book on Ferrari's long and established history and the cars that they have made, I decided to make a list of my 10 favourite classic Ferraris because making a list of my top 5 would be an insult to them. For this list I am defining a classic car as pre 1990.

Credit- Mecum Auctions.com

10- 1978 Ferrari 308 GTS

The first car on the list if the 308 GTS. I simply couldn't overlook the 308. It is a superb looking car in a long line of superb looking Ferraris. There were two options for this, the GTB which is a hardtop or the GTS which is a targa top, I chose the GTS because it is basically a little bit prettier. This car has a sweet sounding V8 with a manual gated shifter. I'm a big fan of these Ferrari gated shifters! What a great way to kick off the list!

Credit- Supercars.net

9- 1963 Ferrari 250GT Berlinetta Lusso

This was the car tasked with the tough role of closing the curtain on the 250GT chapter in Ferraris book. I can safely say, it did this role well. The car is beautiful and in a typical Ferrari 250GT way it is also very rare. Less than 350 of these cars exist today and like many other cars on this list, the current price of one of these would run well into the millions. Nevertheless it is another fine car from Pininfarina and Ferrari!

Credit- Wikipedi

8- 1989 Ferrari F40

This car just managed to scrape into this list because it was released pre-1990, only just. The F40 was and still is a bonkers supercar. It had a fiery twin turbo V8 sitting in the back of the car. This car provided a scary driving experience, was impractical and looked great. Everything that a supercar of that era needed to be. A funny quirk about this car is that the door release handles are actually just a little piece of rope that you pull. Another cracker from the Ferrari and Pininfarina partnership!

Credit- Wikimedia Commons

7- 1960 Ferrari 400 SuperAmerica

With a 4.0 Litre V12 in the 60s, this car was an amazing supercar on track. It also looked the part, I mean just look at it. That silhouette, those spoked wheels and that stunning shade of maroon! It is a beautiful and very desirable classics Ferrari, very desirable infact because less than 50 were ever made. Can you guess who designed this? Yes it was Pininfarina again.

Credit- 95 Customs.co

6- 1948 Ferrari 166MM Touring Barchetta

This was one of the earliest Ferraris to be built and it also was the winning car in the Mille Miglia of that year, this win cemented Ferrari's name in the history books. The 166MM was a great looking car and due to this piece of history the MM in the car's name refers to the famous Mille Miglia. Only 32 of these cars were built and I expect only a handful to have survived this long. I saw one of these on auction at Sotheby's recently with a starting price of 8 million! This car has been one of the cornerstones upon which the brand's name was established. However, unlike most other cars on this list, this was was built by Touring!

Credit- Wikipedia

5- 1985 Ferrari 288 GTO

Another gorgeous Pininfarina styled car. However this is no regular Ferrari, it is a GTO and only a few lucky models have carried this name throughout the years. This being one of them and its predecessor also makes it into this list. The 288 drew alot of design cues from the 308 but it was just a little bit more special because of its rarity and a few tweaks to the styling that made it look a little more fierce. This car was a homolgation the legendary 308, O in the GTO means Omologato which means homolgation and it was a fitting one too. Only around 270 of these Pininfarina styled beauties were ever made which makes it a very valuable classic Ferrari!

Credit- Supercars.net

4- 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO

Owing to its GTO heritage, this car was a homologation to the legendary 250 series. It looked the part and like any good classic Ferrari it is very rare and very desirable. If you thought the others on this list were valuable then the 250GTO is the Godfather of valuable vintage cars. Less than 39 of these were made and I think less than 10 exist today which is why one sold for almost $55 million in 2013. This worth of this single car is almost the same as the rest of this list combined! It is undeniably pretty. Giotto Bizzarrini is credited with drawing up the design for this masterpiece.

Credit- RM Sotheby's.com

3- 1956 Ferrari 250GT Berlinetta Competizione 'Tour de France'

While the 250GTO may be very very expensive it doesn't make my top three simply because to me it can't beat these other three. Starting with the 250GT TdF or Tour de France. This car kicked off the great TdF badge that would be worn by a few sought after cars as time went on. This car was designed by Scaglietti and truly it is a masterstroke. The silhouette, the colour and the spoked wheels all make for a brilliant combination. Truly this is one of the prettiest cars ever made by the Maranello based manufacturer which is why one sold for $13.2 Million at an auction recently. Only seven of these were ever made in this Scaglietti body. Wow, what a car!

Credit- Autoweek.com

2- 1970 Ferrari Daytona 365 GTB/4

Though 1,200 of these were produced this is by no means an affordable classic Ferrari. I looked through some auction houses and found that the starting prices were well above $650,000 in most cases. This figure does seem relatively small compared to the others on this list but just look at the car. Isn't it just gorgeous! That is the reason I have picked it at second in my list of top 10 classic Ferraris ever made. Out of those that were made, 5 were commissioned to be race specific out of which 1 was a road legal car. This single road legal car was discovered in a barn where it has been lying for 40 years. It was in a decent state having spent this much time in a barn and the car is set to go for more than $1.7 million when it goes under the hammer.


Credit- TopGear.com

1- 1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spyder

I may get some ridicule for this but to me the 250 GT SWB Califronia Spyder is not just the prettiest classic Ferrari but the prettiest Ferrari of all time. It is my favourite Ferrari by far, everything about it is just utterly gorgeous. There are few things better than a classic convertible Ferrari and coupled with those spoked wheels and that beautiful body. This car is just the business when it comes to classic Ferraris. Only 37 of these covered headlights versions were built which makes it incredibly rare and desirable. I saw that one has sold recently for $8.6 million which was steep but expected for this calibre of car. Then I chanced upon an article that told me about the fate of one that was found in a barn last year belonging to French actor Alain Delon. This example sold for a figure just shy of $19 million!! Wow, I can't help but admire the beauty of this car and the idea that I may never see one in person haunts me but for now the pictures are good enough. Arrivederci!

Hope you liked my list, please do comment which cars you would include in this list below.

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All pictures belong tho their rightful owners and I have given them all credit. Words by Mathew D'souza

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