My 10 favourite SnowRunner moments (and one surprise)

A​ whole year has passed since the SnowRunner release date. Here's a look back at my favourite video moments, with a surprise finale.

6w ago

B​elieve it or not, a year ago we were all enjoying Joe Exotic in Tiger King, Love is Blind (okay, maybe just me) and finding those early days of lockdown had a slight novelty factor. Come the 28th of April 2020, SnowRunner rolled into view.

Y​es, the off-road trucker's dream that is the sequel to MudRunner will spend today enjoying cake, presents and a party bag with yet more cake inside plus some awesome pointless plastic junk. Those were the days.

Y​ou'll have to forgive a little sentimentality in my celebration video as SnowRunner has helped my channel grow into something that can pay the bills and for that I am grateful. Having a friendly community who appreciates my terrible jokes really is the dream.

In the last year we have seen four sets of maps as part of the first Season Pass, as well as numerous new trucks, console mods, steering wheel support and a whole lot. And with the Nintendo Switch confirmed and maybe Steam, the show will go on.

I​ say "first" because, as I shall bang on about in a future video, the developers have all but confirmed a second season pass. Yes, that means another year of trucking good content to help you truck about in.

A​nd that's where this collection of words ends. Except to say that at the end of the video I unveil something I had specially made to celebrate SnowRunner's birthday. Enjoy, subscribe and stay safe!

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