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My 1993 Cadillac Allante

I Finally Have One

1y ago

Back in the mid-80's Cadillac was looking to break into the world of the two seater roadst....BLAH BLAH BLAH. I FINALLY, AFTER 18 YEARS OF WANTING ONE, GOT AN ALLANTE!

This is Caddy number seven for me and my obsession finally peaked I think. I got this only months before the baby announcement and the minivan purchase. I thought for sure my Escalade would be my "dad sled" but the gas mileage... my lord the gas mileage.

Back to the Allante. Since I was 10 years old I was pretty obsessed with the Allante. My dad, uncle and grandfather all drove big enormous land yacht Cadillacs and when I got my first one I was hooked... Even though it was a Catera which was basically a Cadillac Cavalier. Three Devilles, the full size Fleetwood and the Esca, all near and dear... but none of them were a two seat roadster with a 32v V8.



I found it on Facebook Marketplace and was CRINGING at those wheels. I noticed in the pictures that the stock wheels were still available so I got pretty interested pretty quick. He wanted 2800 for it and I offered the low ball 1600 right off the bat. God those wheels were so bad... so bad... damn. The bottom half of that picture is many weeks of washing and buffing and washing again and then buffing again. I wanted to revive that super rare Verde Flax 1 of 150 paint job. I'm getting ahead of myself.

He sold it.. but not to me. So I had to track it down again. A gentleman bought it about a half hour away from the original place. Once I found it again I offered 1200 to the new owner. He wasn't taking it. I had to see it, so we set up a meeting and he drove me out to his place and there it was... in all its glory. My 18 year old Cadillac obsession was sitting 10 feet away from me as I cruised passed to park my big Sedan Deville.

It was raining that day and I noticed pretty quick that the roof was leaking at the corner connection of the soft top to the windshield. It'll be alright... It still leaks so we just take the minivan or the Sportage when its raining.

That day wasn't the day. the Northstar was smelling of oil pretty badly at idle, the roof was leaking and a couple bulbs were burnt that I didn't want to dive into. Its hard to think straight when you are smelling oil burning and having water drip on your knee. Its like you get buyers remorse before you buy anything. It sucks. I took off with the classic line of "I have to talk to my mechanic."

It was only a week and I was back out there with a pocket full of 20 dollar bills. My wife and I just got married so we had a little nest egg (she told me not to buy a car with it).

Did I tell you that my heat didn't work in my white DeVille? Well it didn't, and the 2019 winter was about to blow in. NO THANKS. GIVE ME THE ALLANTE PLEASE. I don't care if the roof leaks. As long as hot wind comes out of the dashboard, I'm with it. I went a whole winter with no heat and I hated life.

I was on the phone with my wife and she was about to blow a gasket quicker than a Northstar v8 ever could. I said its seven hundred dollars to get the heat fixed in the DeVille OR I could trade the DeVille for the Allante with five hundred cash. Basically five hundred cash got me an Allante because that DeVille was worth jack NOTHING.

I got an Allante, and a FAST ONE. That Northstar was the first year of production. It had 295 ponies when it was new. A lot left the stable between then and now but it can still giddy on up. I had to replace all four coil packs early on and I'm glad I did.

This is my first convertible and I don't really have any clue on how to handle these things. Especially 30 year old leaky loose flappy ones. It was time for some southeast Ohio fix it cheap and fix it now fun instead of saving 1000 dollars to get it replaced. If you have an Allante, chances are the electric pull down motor is completely seized up and broken. Once it gets consistently warmer I'll get a picture by picture 'how to' on what to do to get your convertible top to stay down and stay put. It's pretty genius. I love my cleverness but the Allante Owners Group would turn their noses up to such a crazy idea... but it works.

For now... I'll find myself looking back at it. I'll always love and keep my 27 year old, Italian styled, faded paint, pissed the wife off, first gen Northstar V8, five hundred dollar plus a DeVille... Allante... The New Spirit of Cadillac.



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  • Northstar v8 brilliant engines while they work

      1 year ago
  • Congratulations! That is a good looking car.

      1 year ago