My 1st year anniversary on DriveTribe!!

Thank you to all of my followers and fellow content creators!

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First off, I want to say that this was the best accident I have ever discovered. I found the app when I was on Joyride and I clicked the link on accident. I have entered the car realm in the form of an app! I didn't hesitate whatsoever and clicked the download button. Though it was July of last year when I joined, I've been somewhat busy in the past weeks. I had just came back from Cars and Coffee at the COTA track in Texas when I decided to make my post, well because I didn't want to keep the spots to myself of course!

My first post was a yellow Pontiac Firebird with a matching yellow Ferrari F430 in the background and ended up receiving many welcomes and likes as well! In total, over 30 people liked my post so I decided to start posting more often.

In August of that year, I made my first quiz which was called "What classic car are you" and got over 270 comments and 131 likes! Everybody seemed to love it but I had to correct a few errors people had pointed out but overall was a huge success!

Many months pass on and I have reached 10k bumps, about 30 followers as well. My most contributing and most active user on my page at the time was none other than Dash Lam aka CarEnthusiast10! Mostly just car spots were on the page because of the pre-pandemic days I was always out and about seeking for cool cars on the road.

Now as of today, I am proud to celebrate my year-and-a-few-months anniversary! The community has been 95% positive with me, though the negative people I try not to worry about. Over 1.4 million reads on my articles, I could not be more thankful. I even got a response from Richard Hammond on one of his posts about his motorcycle! Last of all, shout out to the devs and ambassadors for promoting my posts and the people who have given me awards on my articles and all of the friendly people on this app/site! Thank you all! I shall continue writing articles on here (mostly when I have free time)!

Love you all and thanks for making my first year on DriveTribe an unforgettable experience! <3

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