My 2013 Skoda Laura TDI, in a vRS avatar. Solid, stable and trouble free. Very dependable and with all the subtle changes made to it, has transformed to a very capable touring machine. Very happy with the purchase.

This was my second car. I wanted a sedan and was actually after the Laura TSI. But then as luck would have it, the newer Octavia was about to be launched and the petrols were all sold out. And then I came across this silver beauty in the showroom and was just pleasantly surprised at the stance and the poise. The dealer had only the DSG variant and it was a first experience for me. My first ever Skoda and I just jumped in heads down.

She has run about 74,000kms till date and apart from the regular maintenance expenses, I’ve not had anything else go bad. I have replaced the water pump at 64,000kms and it’s quite normal for these motors to have theirs replaced around the 50,000kms mark. I also changed the DSG oil at the 60,000kms mark.

Over the course of time, I have given the car a vRS treatment - went for front bumper, door sills, boot spoiler, floor lighting, xenon lamps and a whole host of mechanical upgrades. All of that has transformed her from a executive saloon to a very capable touring machine with brilliant handling, monstrous torque and sharp brakes.

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Comments (3)

  • Brilliant car. Have you looked up APR Tuning?

      1 year ago
    • Thank you. Yes, I’ve heard of them, and have gone through their site. I went to Tune O Tronics after sampling their work locally and I’m running a setup from them. Lots of torque and very driveable.

        1 year ago
  • Cool wheels, welcome to DriveTribe!

      1 year ago