My 2015 Golf GTi is for sale. It’s done 23,200 miles, has all the extras and the power pack. The price is £21,500.
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    • £12k.

        2 years ago
      • The package tells that power pack got a car along with it, so i guess you’re not buying the car and only the power pack? 😅

          2 years ago
      • I see your twelve and lower you to £10k.

          2 years ago
    • Hi, i am GENUINELY interested. I am an American combat vet, reading for my DPhil at Univeristy of Oxford. I worked really hard to get where i am, and am in need of a car. I cant offer you the high price youre asking, but i can offer you what is a kings ransom for a student, £14,000. That is literally my entire savings account. I dont have a lot of money, because Oxford is super expensive, and im not funded (Hello crippling US Loans.)

      I am in great need of a car, and having this one would make my experience in England, and Oxford, one i will never forget for the rest of my life. I hate using this card, but as a disabled vet, i get disability checks, and i have been putting them all in a savings account. With disabilities, i have a service dog that needs a boot she can fit in. I cant see it going anywhere better, and am in desperate need of a car. Its too expensive to live in Oxford, so i commute in a crappy 2004 A160 (thats ECU doesnt understand when its in reverse) and cant handle the hassle.

      I know the money isn't what you want, but its everything i have, you would be legit changing my life, giving me a car and a story i will never forget, helping me get to my office at uni so i can graduate, and get a job. But obviously understand when/if a much better offer comes along.



        2 years ago
    • me: *sees the same car on sale somewhere else* Nope its too expensive

      jeremy: *puts up car for auction*


        2 years ago
      • So true.... Especially if he signs it are you kidding me..... I'm shipping it right over here to America..oh wait 25 year rule, danmit......

          2 years ago
    • Good luck. It's like buying used underwear. Most people would like it new out of the box. But there's always that special someone that pays extra just for the sniff off it.

        2 years ago
    • No thanks. I've seen the way you drive. Ehhmmm

        2 years ago
      • No doubt. The part of the car you can’t see might have one of his “fixes” - rear quarter panel could be patched up with bones or something far worse.

          2 years ago


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