My 2021 Mercedes S-Class configuration

39w ago

​S500L without the AMG package. Emerald Green Metallic on the outside, 'Exclusive' tan Nappa leather on the inside with gloss poplar veneer, in the essential 4 seat configuration. And to my disappointment, the front center console piano black plastic or whatever its made of can't be optioned out in the same veneer as the upper.

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Comments (2)

  • Nice configuration! The one thing that would cause me to shop elsewhere is the glare off the flat gauge cluster behind the steering wheel. The glare from the center screen too. Those really bother me. I guess the gauge issue would be handled by HUD which leaves the center. I REALLY do not like not having knobs. Call me old ( I can still whoop your monkey behind so stay off my lawn) but knobs are easy on the fly. No need to see them after a few turns. Tapping through screens to get to a control setting drives me insane. Maybe I am more like Joe Walsh so call me Analog Man.

      8 months ago
    • Thanks! And for glare on the screen, a cheap matte screen protector from eBay would do the job, but I still prefer physical buttons too. Seems like Lexus, Maserati and Audi are the leftovers.

        8 months ago