- My BMW during the holidays.

1. 2018 Philadelphia Auto Show

The Philadelphia Auto Show this year not only proved that I was an accepted journalist, but I was able to get access to an abundance of vehicles that I would not see on a regular basis. I mean who gets the chance to see a Bugatti Veyron and Chiron right across from one another and across from a new Ford GT? This also was at the beginning of the year.

2. DriveTribe Homepage Promotions

I have had my content promoted to the homepage plenty of times this year. What took the cake was the time my article on the C7 Corvette Grand Sport was double-featured in the sense where not only was it the headliner, but under it as well. It shows how far I have come as a journalist.

3. Cars I have test driven.

I work with dealerships in the sense that they allow me to test drive cars for my reviews. No, I do not tell them I work for DriveTribe. I tell them I write my blogs on DriveTribe under Norths' Auto Reviews because claiming I work for DriveTribe will get me in trouble. Why would it get me in trouble? Because it would be a lie. I work for myself. Now, that being said, I am granted permission to drive their vehicles for a review. Some of the cars I never thought I would be allowed to drive is the AMG GT. Alfa Romeo 4C and Giulia Quadrifoglio, and BMW M3 CS. Since these cars are not only expensive, but also are valuable. So, test driving these vehicles without them being a press or demo car, I highly appreciate the dealerships with their cooperation. Without them, I would not have been able to come this far. Now yes, they do send me off with someone, and I abide by their rules, but to say I have had the chance to work with them, I could not have been more thankful.

4. Creating/Owning a Website


Over the course of this year, I wanted to make my own website so I can do more on my own and hopefully get more recognition from the outside world. This finally happened in November. Now that my college semester is over, I can focus more on the site than schoolwork. So, if you want to, check out my website. In my articles on here I will also copy the website somewhere on it as I did above. Right now it needs work, but at least I have it.

5. Gaining a Sponsor

After going to a car show in Moorestown and passing out of my business cards to cars I took pictures of, someone called me to see if they would like to be my sponsor. Well, not right away, but we worked towards an agreement where he would sponsor my work and promote it as well. My only problem is that I am not sure if the sponsor wants to be anonymous on here. That is still in discussion.

6. Getting an Actual Camera

It might not seem much but using a camera phone can only be so good at taking pictures. When it comes to the quality of a photograph, DSLR cameras are the best for automotive journalists. Earlier this year, around Easter, I got a Nikon D3400 as a gift. I was planning on buying a camera, but this came earlier. I have been using it ever since. If you go back and look at my previous articles before and after Easter, then you could see the difference in the quality of the pictures of the cars I drove. Some of the pictures, I have to be honest, I did borrow a camera from my dad.

Hopes for 2019!

In 2019, I hope to be able to actually do my automotive reviews with videos. I will still keep the articles, but for some cars, I would very much want to do videos. Especially now that I am finding my voice among the rest of the crowd. Also, in 2019, I hope I am able to do more with cars like getting demo and press vehicles from manufacturers. I would like to see more things take off for me and North's Auto Reviews. We shall see DriveTribe! As for now, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Cheers!

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