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The new system increases 50PS and 80Nm of torque!

3y ago

If my AMG GT R wasn't already a beast, then thanks to RENNtech it's certainly about to be! To spice even more life into the GT R, RENNtech Europe will be installing a new downpipe with sports cats and an ECU tune from their base at the Nurburgring. Are you as excited as me to hear this when it's done?!

Nobody is arguing that a standard Mercedes-AMG GT R is not either loud enough or aggressive enough, but from such a solid base on a car that's now done 13,000km it's time to start experimenting. During the Ring Wing Ting tour, one thing we noticed was that alongside my 911 GT3, Vantage GT8 and 675LT, the GT R was actually by far the quietest car - which is something we need to fix! Many people might simply say why don't you change the exhaust, well keep watching and you'll see how there is absolutely nothing to be gained by doing that because of the configuration of the standard exhaust system created for the GT R.

As a result I got talking to RENNtech about options and we have decided to go with their downpipe system which includes 200-cell high-flow sports cats along with a matching ECU tune to ensure we get the most out of it. There will be small power gains and we're going to take the car to the dyno to fully see those and what numbers it increases to from the standard 585PS and 700Nm; expecting maybe +50PS and +80Nm. So, even more of the beast from within the AMG GT R is coming, and I can't wait!

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