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My Anxiety and what it entails - a serious discussion

I need to talk about this, if you believe me or not

3w ago


Ok, I never really wanted to talk about this, but I have to, in light of recent events, so I'll just cut to the chase.

I have suffered serious anxiety from the age of about 7 years old

Reasons for this include:

Fear of getting into trouble, espcially with adults (usually school teachers).

Bullying and teasing from peers (about weight, diet, family, dress sense etc.)


Other trauma from peers

Effects of this include:

Borderline panic attacks (I've never had an actual one, but have come VERY close)

Anger over seeing others teased (about weight, diet, certain misinterpreted words etc.)

Uncontrollable lecturing and prompting when people don't follow the rules or are just generally disrespectful.

Mild to mid-level dysgraphia (a high-level case pictured above, problems with smartphone keyboards due to bad motor skills)


There you have it, I've said enough I think, please take these things into account when talking to me on DT, if you want to ask a question (within reason) please do in the comments.

Thank you.

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  • Very brave of you to share this, and I thank you Joe for doing so.

    You're not alone.

      25 days ago
    • Thank you Dan. I know many others struggle with mental health issues, but only a small percentage actually talk about what they are going through and struggling with, and I think this needs to be addressed.

      Thanks once again for joining...

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        25 days ago
  • Considering the strong opinions of car lovers and the often combative online environment, Drive Tribe could be the place for a perfect storm of conflict and argument. It behooves us to keep in mind that we're all equally entitled to be treated with humanity and courtesy.

    It's quite brave of you to disclose your challenges to us, Joe. I admire your candor. Depression and anxiety have been an unwelcome and sometimes overwhelming presence in my life for a number of years. For me, Drive Tribe has been a haven where I can relax, geek out over cars, and interact with others doing the same thing.

    For my part, I will strive to be diligently mindful. If you ever find a comment or post of mine offensive, please feel welcome to alert me.

      26 days ago
    • Thank you Eddie, your response was lovely, I agree, DriveTribe is a lovely place, without the problems of normal, mainstream social media. I would also like to thank you for responding, the whole idea of this is discussion, because talking...

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        26 days ago
    • And with you, as well. 😊

      This COVID mess has made it particularly difficult for me. My anxiety wants me to stay as isolated as possible on my best days, so the added concern of a potential hospitalization just amplifies that tendency. In...

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        26 days ago
  • Hiding your mental illness is wrong! I’m autistic, have PTSD and anxiety. I’d rather have people ask questions about my disabilities than make low comments and assumptions about folks with mental illness.

      26 days ago
    • I know, that's why I'm talking about it, I see a therapist, but I don't talk about it publicly, like with my friends here on DT, I usually only discuss it with my family.

        26 days ago
  • I’m kinda glad you’ve made this post, mental health does not get the consideration it needs. I suffer from anxiety and depression, which i had bottled up for at least 6 years when it all came to a head last September. I also know how damaging it can be. I had a friend commit suicide 4 years ago and in hindsight he was probably depressed, but he never sought out help and some things quite quickly went wrong for him (not drastically, but certainly significantly)

      26 days ago
    • Sam, I'm sorry for what you and your friend had to go through, I agree, mental health is highly overlooked.

      I realised that a lot of the time on the internet, especially when conversations get heated, people throw comments around with no...

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        26 days ago
    • Thanks. I feel like I am relatively new to Facebook etc commenting (I have had it since I was 13 but I didn’t get into it until far more recently) and I ty to be considerate, but i absolutely see what you mean. Everything is mainly alright for me,...

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        26 days ago


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