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Maserati Quattroporte from 2017

I saw this car half year ago, and I posted it. 4 months ago I finally bought it for 75.000 pounds(How is that possible that I don't have pound symbol on laptop) By the way, it's great. I must admit, well spent money. Ok, so it's better than it's previous versions, it has better engine, better style and better statistics. It's like Bocelli in italians car while other italian brands(except Ferrari and Lamborghini) are like old Mario Pizza-Man who sings about macaroni(But I kinda like new Fiat Tipo). This new Maserati gives you a lot of luxury like Mercedes(Mercedes S-Class from 2017 cost now about 76.000 pounds) so yeah it's just thousand pounds cheaper and better than MB. Why? Well, it feels like you're driving Italian horse not German factory worker. This V6, 3.0 litre engine gives you 404 horsepower and max speed of 156 mph. This car is great, I really love it and I won't sell it fast...

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  • Welcome to the tribe, Jeremy! 🏎

      6 months ago