My car history, part iii

Still with family responsibilities, but was slowly able to add some great cars......

4y ago

The first car to be added in the new millennium was a replacement. The old Suburban had fulfilled it's mission of transporting boys and dogs for a decade, and after 150k miles she was ready for retirement. After moving out of the farmhouse near Lime Rock, we found a lovely little house much closer to work and NYC - but now had less garage space. A shorter version of the Suburban was in order, and we welcomed the 2000 Chevrolet Tahoe. (stock footage as the Tahoe pics are also missing).

I should mention at this point that one of the benefits of working for a European company in sales is that you were provided a company car. Unfortunately that company car was a Ford Taurus. That's unfair of me as the Taurus was really quite reliable and in the 6 years I had them I travelled all over the New England region, putting 30k+ miles on them each year. (Also a stock photo as these were commodities and I don't think I ever photographed one).

Havig a company car allowed me to do two things - sell the Audi A4 (which was an 'ok' car) and buy something fun in its place. I was very lucky to find one of the last new 2002 BMW M Coupes (S54 engine) for sale in the US. I had to sell the GTO to buy it, but it was worth it. Great little car that had interesting effects on people. You loved them or you hated them. Strangely they also attracted older women - and I do mean old, 60+ - like flies. I found that to be very curious. I had many wonderful adventures in this car...

Just a few years after getting in on the company car program it was suddenly brought to a halt. Henceforth, the would just provide a mileage allowance. But they did insist that the car I used for work be a 4 door sedan (I guess they thought I might be driving clients around - and I did). Apart from that, no rules. I was thrilled with this change of policy as I had been wondering how I could justify buying one of these - 2004 Subaru WRX STi. A FANTASTIC car, and one I will never sell.

In 2006 my wife had 'an incident' with the 2000 Tahoe, and she was retired from the stable. Still with boys and dogs, we needed a suitable replacement - and decided to go a bit weird. We bought this 2006 Chrysler Aspen brand new from a local dealer, and she still serves as the Moseley truck to this day.

In 2007 I was given the opportunity to purchase a lightly used 2005 Cadillac CTS-V, and given the shocking amount of miles I was putting on the STi (which I had decided I would be keeping forever) I jumped at the chance. Around this same timeI switched jobs to one where I had to drive to Philadelphia two or three times a week, so the larger, more powerful, and more luxurious Cadillac was a welcome addition to the family. Only one bad thing about her - a weird 1 to 4 gear skip that GM put in to their manual cars for EPA purposes. Everyone knew of a work-around of course, but it was quite the pain in the ass for a while.

Next will be Part IV, which will bring us up to date!

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