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My car is getting fixed and now I can't stop thinking about thieves 😣

Does anybody knows good and reliable door locks, methods and steering/handbrake braces?

17w ago

I am one of the lucky few to be in the possession of one of the greatest vehicles ever created: the glorious 1983 Opel Corsa cc

Said vehicle has been on my family since 1985 whem my mother bought it and since then, it loyaly stood with us as a daily and a beater, stubbornly reliable, only sucumbing to a seized engine and rust due to my mother and her uncle's total disregard and ignorance for maintenance, the latter being the one bearing most of the fault since he, only after using it for less than a year, decided to abandon it on the street, too lazy to maintain it yet too lazy to get rid of it... well, multiple fines due to public abandonement to my mother because her uncle just didnt care enough to make the paperwork to transfer the ownership for 15 years and my family had enough and made my mother's uncle to let me have a go with the car (also me asking for the car since I was a little boy might have helped).

As you can see in the photo above, the poor thing has gone trough everything except fire and high speed colissions; two floods, abandonment, tyres popped multiple times by a crazy neighbour lady who didn't want anybody parking in her street because that parking space was for her son (also an a-hole by his own merits) but one particular situation stands out from the rest:

Some genious decided to steal it.

That was the straw that broke the camel's back, not 2 months since recieving a fine due to public abandonement, some total asswipe decided to steal what by then was a rotten carcase, we completely discarded the possibility of a joyride since it was found by the police on a completely different neigbourhood, which means that someone took the time to identify the car, break a window, rip off the ignition switch, put a battery on it because the one in the car was 100% dead to then drive it all the way near their house and park it on te street in order to supposedly keep a rotten base level trim Corsa without insurance or circulation permission. Fukn slow clap my dude... I don't know if the thief was identified, but I honestly I should be a little grateful, that situation and the completely halfarsed effort by my mother's uncle to get things done after the situation, made my parents pressure him to either scrap the car or give it to me, by then a mechanic student. My mother's uncle, as usual, didn't want to do anything, he didn't want to scrap the car because he would have to pay for the tow truck and to the scrapyard and he constantly made up excuses to not give it to me even tho he wouldn't need to do anything because the car was still at my mother's name and I would literally drive it to my house without making him do anything other than giving me the keys... but my mother's uncle being the spoiled child of the family, didn't want to get rid of the car, even tho his lack of actions and care caused a lot of trouble and expenses to my mother and father who didn't use of the car since 2002 when they gave it to him for free because he, in his 50+ years, didn't bought a car, ever; later I learned that since 1985 he had planed to have the Corsa once my mother decided to get rid of it, too bad that his reality-alienated mind didn't count on the car being so useful and reliable, having to wait for 17+ years for his plan to come to "fruition".

Anyways, one day I passed my mechanic's course and with grades on hand I told him that next monday I will go with a friend to pick up the car, my mother's uncle, still reluctant agreed and told me that the car didn't work and one tyre was punctured, which was either a mistake on his assestment or a straight up lie to keep me from getting the car, after knowing him for all this time, the latter is very likely to be the reality, the car didn't have a puncture and it didn't start because the battery was dead, I dont know what is worse, his whole attitude towards the situation or the fact that he tried to stop me, A MECHANIC and my friend ALSO A MECHANIC with not so seized weel bolts and a dead battery...

Anyway where was I? ah yes

If some arse already tried to steal a shitbox, what woud happen once repaired?

I don't trust neither people or the police when it comes to this situation, and so I need to know EVERYTHING that I can do to prevent, disuade and recuperate my car in case of theft. I'm talking, killswitches, electronic inmobilizers, door locks, wheel locks, steering wheel locks, pedal chains, handbrake and shifter locks, alarms with wifi alert, cameras, sound and movement sensors, occupied seat sensors, key presence tech, remote locking and alarm setoff, door lock casings, lexan windows, ear-piercieng dubstep, loaded guns (wait, I'm not in the USA... shied), baseball bat/golf clubs, tazers, pepperspray, cloroform... you get the point. SO:

What products do you recomend in order to keep a car safe from thieves?

Unfortunately, no method is 100% theft proof, but I can always try to prevent and prepare, so, due to my limited knowledge I turn towards you and your experiences, please tell me what has worked or failed for you or someone you know, specially door locks since the ones already installed are the old barrel type and I want something more difficult to pick open, then alarms and steering/pedal/shifter/handbrake locks and maybe a centraized locking mechanism, those are my priorities and I would be inmensly grateful if you could share your knowledge so I can keep my little Corsa as safe as I can.

Thank you so much for reading, may all your roads be clear and endless.

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