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My Carpinion on the BMW M3/4 Competition

It's not that bad!!!

5w ago

First things first the styling! The big grille, it was always getting bigger over the generations slowly evolving (Like the 911). BMW have just moved things along faster. some cool features the long bar through the middle, huge radiators along the bottom, vents to the side of those. lots of power lines streaking down towards the famed grille. looks amazing i've always loved the styling of Beamers (Example 530 MLE, 2002 Turbo, M5) But these are Magnificent. Really like the aggressive stance and general look. The carbon fiber pack looks really good around the back with bits and pieces around the car and on the Roof. The wide wheel arches HUGE fan of them especially on the M3. The Enormous rear diffuser is a bit too large I think on the M3, but the quad-exhausts BRILLIANT. But what they have done with the 4-Series no No NO, The Grille looks like it is bulging out.

BMW M3 (Left) M4 (Right) Competition

BMW M3 (Left) M4 (Right) Competition

The 3.0L straight-6 twin-turbo with 420 HP in the normal but in the competition it has 510 HP and 650 Nm of torque, 100 more than the previous. The engine is even braced in, and it makes a sound too, letting you rev it all the way to 7,000 RPM once warmed up. unlike most cars that only let you rev to around 4,000 RPM which is Fantastic for the M3/4! But they do weigh quite a bit 1,730 KGs, 160 KGs heavier than the previous models. The M3 and M4 also come with a manual 6-speed but in the competition it comes with a 8-speed auto which is a little disappointing. The 8-speed is also not dual-clutch which I think is good because it will be better of the mark than the previous M4. The suspension is also great because it has adaptive dampers so you have sport for going FAAAST and comfort for whatever your doing when your not going fast.

BMW M3 (Left) M4 (Right) Competition

BMW M3 (Left) M4 (Right) Competition

The only bad thing about this car is what Most other Sports/Super cars have the P-R-I-C-E. The M3 Competition Sedan starting off at $168,900 NZD and the M4 Competition Coupe $172,900 NZD. But who cares because there's no way I could ever afford a BMW I just really like them.

But what one is better to be honest to me the M4 because I am paying a lot of money and a want it to be very sporty. The M4 is a coupe 2-door I also just think for some reason I'm not sure of I think it looks better.

My Carpinion- Will Bowman.

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