- The old P​lymouth Fury back in its old stomping grounds

M​y Dad Bought Back The First Police Car He Was Issued As A Young Policeman Part 2

A​nd what has happened since its rebirth...

Max Ruse posted in USA News
6w ago

F​irst off let me say how honored I am by how many of you liked and read part 1 of this story. I had no idea how many of you enjoyed this stuff or were interested in it, so I thought I would do a short update on the car and what has happened since it found its way back into my fathers garage. Again, my heartfelt thanks to you all for showing your interest in what I had naively thought was an old and forgotten ex cop car.

A​fter we got the engine going in the old Plymuth back in its dusty garage in Burlington, Vermont, my father and I had the silly idea to actually drive it back down to southern Vermont (approximately 100 miles). We quickly called Geico and added some insurance to the car before taking our chances driving it back home, only upon deeming the car safe to drive. I got in my dads Impala and he got in the Plymouth, and we set off down Interstate 89 which runs almost the length of the state of Vermont. We made it about 20 miles before doing the smart thing: stopping and calling a tow truck.

I​'ll be honest: we had AAA points to blow on a free tow, but the old Plymouth just wasn't chugging along as it should. Sure, it was going along steadily, but with each hill (of which there are a lot in Vermont if you've never been), the old car just about shut off from exhaustion. So, after giving it a good shot, we pulled over and watched the old Plymouth get loaded onto the back of a tow truck and my dad, after dropping me at my car, followed the tow truck back to his home.

T​hese days, the old Plymouth is hibernating as the salt on the roads would be far too corrosive to its old body. In the warmer months, however, it cruises the same streets it used to patrol in its former life of being an in-service police car. It has never let my father down, and he enjoys driving it just as much now as he did back then.

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  • Looking forward to fair-weather tales of the Plymouth's exploits! 😊

      1 month ago
  • Ah, the Gran Fury.......brother to the Dodge Diplomat. I drove plenty of the Dodge iteration back when I worked at National Car Rental (yes, I'm old). The 318 that came in those cars were very good engines, I just never really trusted their transmissions that much. Still, i never minded driving one when I had to on the freeways of southern California. Now, to stay with the theme, I suppose I should put up a picture of one of my old work cars. I've had a number of them, but I think this one fits the theme of obvious law enforcement vehicle. Some of my others weren't as obvious........Jeep Cherokee, Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, Honda Prelude, and Toyota Tercel, to name a few (we used seized vehicles for our fleet). Anyway, 'ol Red here was good for the open road, but stunk for surveillances (kinda obvious). I did get him all shiny for when I took the picture, tho.....(was still in service at that time.... I'm an old retired fart now).

      1 month ago
    • Very nice! My family has had quite a number of crown vics throughout the years. My dad runs a blog called Travels in a Cab where (pre covid) he is taking an old retired nyc taxi he bought through different states. Nice to hear your experiences...

      Read more
        1 month ago
  • Hook the puppy. Parts shouldn’t be to much. Great fun you guys are having. If I was I would drive that puppy. How many kids can say they a real cop car. A real one

      1 month ago
  • How about some more photos?

      1 month ago
    • Here is one of it from long ago and I will try and dig up some more for another part once some adventures can happen in it this spring!

        1 month ago
  • Thanks for the update Max. Looking forward to more.

      1 month ago
    • Thanks for continuing to read Russ!

        1 month ago