M​y Dad Bought Back The First Police Car He Was Issued As A Young Policeman

A​nd it only took 31 years for them to be reacquainted...

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M​y father has proudly served as a police officer for going on 32 years. He started in college and has continued working his way up throughout various positions in the world of law enforcement. When he started, the world was a far simpler place. He was issued a revolver for his first gun and police cars had big V8's in them, ne'er a turbo in sight.

W​hen my parents were married, the above car, my dads first police car, was what they drove away from the church in. My dad had bought the car when his department retired it, and then subsequently used it as his personal car for many years. After my parents wedding, a coworker of my dads who loved old police cars bought the car off of him and began the process of restoring it. The restoration came out amazing, but then what happened to far too many restored cars happened to the old Plymouth- it sat. For far too many years, it remained in an old garage, in the middle of nowhere Vermont, through cold winters and hot summers. Every year the old Plymouth sank slowly, further and further into the dirt. Right up until 2 years ago when we rediscovered it.

I​t was in late autumn that I met my dad to make the drive up to Burlington in the US state of Vermont. The friend who had bought the car originally from my dad was moving and offered it back to my dad for $500. Needless to say, it was hard to say no to this offer, however the car hadn't been started in about 10 years and we didn't know what sort of work it would need. When we arrived, the Plymouth was sitting on some plywood in a damp garage, coated with dust on the outside and a mess of mildew on the inside. After putting a battery in it and emptying a can of starter fluid, the old Plymouth roared into life. Amazing!

It was a special moment, seeing two old friends be reunited, my dad grinning from ear to ear and the old Pymouth smiling in its own way by pouring exhaust as far as the eye could see. They had shared a relationship at work, a relationship personally, and now, having gone their separate ways previously, had found one another once again. In this new dawn we are seeing globally that is marking a shift in the era of automobiles and transportation as we know it, seeing an old Plymouth start for the first time in a decade was a special moment which I won't soon forget.

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