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My Day At Porsche

Yes, I went to Porsche to see if what they say about their cars are true

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I was hyper to go to Porsche on Sunday. I couldn't wait... Well, I could if it involved an extra 5 minutes of sleep. After eventually leaving my bed I made breakfast. I know this isn't food tribe but I need to point out what I had. I tried Valtteri Bottas porridge. Oh I enjoyed that... and my Latte...Okay Fine, and my boiled egg surrounded by festive spirits.

Yes that's porridge!

Yes that's porridge!

We then attempted to get there in the old girl(Our Peugeot 208) and finally, the ease of happiness overwhelmed me as the Porsche centre arises out of the blue and there it is, a blue Porsche Panamera Turbo S Hybrid staring at me. I new it would be a good day!

The Porsche Center

The Porsche Museum

We parked up in a gargantula empty car park and strolled over to the center in the cold Winter blue. As we walked in through the staff car park we saw all the business cars! Porsche(obviously) Audi, BMW! You may see photos of a McLaren and think wow! What a car but, being in a Porsche center as a petrol head is something else. When you hear about the new Panamera or the new Taycan it is like nothing actually being there. We walked through the fancy Porsche doors and there! A museum of Porsches. Every where! But, having all the Porsches right in front of me, even a 911 Carrera gold spec, the Porsche that stood out to me was the Porsche 911 Turbo. The first of a legend. Those round headlights and that spoiler. I think my heart melted! The interior, the way in which it was so retro in this modern world! It doesn't sound like much, but here, I've just got into car journalism. I'm at my first car centre where I can see my screensaver right in front of me, I mean, A Porsche 911 Turbo! Right there! I do apologize, in this room I was so taken away by the retro feeling I forgot to take any pictures in this room. I'm 13 and I was stood next to my dream car! But, after, I soon noticed I was surrounded by Porsches! Loads! Okay, maybe it wasn't a museum but it sure was covered in Porsches. All these specs were incredible. Unless you're 16 and live in fast and furious, the specs in these cars would look awful on any modern car, but these gold wheels and red paint just was that little bow that didn't look it, but changed the whole thing. So we passed a Macan, I think, it was covered up but I th... Anyway!


Well, wehhell! The showroom. Now we walk into the models in which you can buy. Now, even know these Porsche were about £50,000-£200,000. It really didn't stop me from asking "so, can we have one?" I said with a rather large grin. He said "no". I'm really excited know. So on my left we have this 917 boxster with modified interior. Oh my word. That interior, that damn interior. I could put the seat back and go to sleep.

So next to me is a Porsche 911 GT3. Oh my good god! The way it lit up and the way the interior just stood out. I won't explain it, here you go.

911 GT3(Bazaart is the edit software I use)

911 GT3(Bazaart is the edit software I use)

The Beauty

The Beauty

Porsche Cayenne

The Cayenne is a Porsche that I see on the road very often I love the exterior but I see non petrolheads in them, and I'm sure they look for comfort in a car. So what is the big deal with it. Well, not only is the Cayenne a car with great interior but it has smooth interior. It's not rough at all. The comfort is extremely good! As you open the door light purple lights come on and the high technology is exposed in front of your eyes. I can clearly see why the new Porsche Cayenne is so common not only is the interior brilliant but I must say, the rear twinned lights are extraordinary .

It's incredible. The interior of the Cayenne

It's incredible. The interior of the Cayenne

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The Big Boys

Oh my gosh. The expression I have so far used 4 times. The interior and exterior is perfection at its finest. So much detail into every stitch. For someone to say that who hasn't been paid is odd. But it's true. It defies Porsche. What am I talking about you say? My favourite spec of the Carrera is there! Here take a look at it, the interior is incredible!

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I do find however, that all Porsche interior is all the same. Like in every car but I mean identical and therefore it makes people like me find it hard to say something new about it. I don't care though, I love it. The satisfying clicks are very very good.

Onto the 911!

I can't say much here, it's your turn.

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The Panamera Turbo S Hybrid

This was one of my favorite cars there. For those of you who don't know, the spoiler has a triple fold. By this I mean there are 3 pieces to the spoiler. The sides fold out. Then the middle piece and it's very nice. One thing I love about the Turbo S is the interior. It's different. I like that... Alot

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A Little Surprise

As we are walking out, we head around the back. An exclusive room that is still being built gives us a little surprise. There is a Porsche GT2 RS. I didn't see this coming, it was all modified. Pirelli tires, downforce front pieces and to top it off that big aluminium spoiler. But, just over was another modified Porsche 911 Turbo. The car, well it was ready for the track. I then thought it was all over. In the background they did have a few Macans but over I saw something orange. I thought it was another Panamera. No, just sitting there was a McLaren 5 flipping 70! A McLaren 570! What, I was just looking at Porsches and know there is a 570?! Wow!


Me and my dad were very tired out! So, to top of the day we got a Millionaire Latte from McLaren, I mean McDonalds. That tops it off.


It was an incredible day out and soon we will be going to all my local car manufacturers so follow if you want to catch that. I just want to say a massive thank you for my Dad. He's the reason I am here so Thank You Dad! Also, thank you for reading, and as always, have a great day!

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