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My day at the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2021

After no Festival of Speed in 2020, it's back this year and it feels like it's never been away

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I've been to every Festival of Speed since 2015 so I know the ins and outs of the event fairly well. Every time I've been, there's always been something new or different going on and each time, the Festival genuinely gets better and better. At this point, I'd argue that the organisers of the FoS have got it down to a science, it's that good.

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The Festival of Speed has modern cars but it also includes older cars too, though classic cars are the main focus at the Goodwood Revival, which is held in September. I would argue that every kind of car fan is catered to at the FoS. And of course, being a car show with the word "Speed" in the title, you can probably work out which kinds of cars are the most prominent here.

This year I saw an especially high number of Porsches, both those used at the Festival and those owned by fellow car enthusiasts. There have always been loads of Porsches at such events, but this year I noticed even more of Stuttgart's finest than usual.

Lotus's new Emira was unveiled at this year's Festival of Speed and it looks magnificent in person. It'll be fantastic to see this on the road properly. Lotus were given a fair deal of attention this year and you can see why.

Many car marques have their own stands (though in reality they are essentially buildings) and Jaguar was no exception. On display were their newest models, I sat inside an I-Pace and was pleasantly surprised. Classic Jags were on show too, classic car fans are certainly not forgotten at the Festival of Speed.

The Jag stand was fantastic and was for obvious reasons, right next door to the Land Rover stand. So, all in all it was very nicely done.

All the stands are in essence the same, but the Jaguar and Lotus ones were amongst the very best. I also went a stand whose name fails me, but it was in essence a stand dedicated to the future and hypothetical future ways of travel. It was there where I spotted Rory Reid from AutoTrader doing a piece to camera.

The Hill Climb is the showpiece of Goodwood, I was however too engrossed in the spectacle to take any photos or videos, but there's a tonne of stuff on YouTube and the Goodwood website.

My only criticisms are minor, but the central monument for this year's event was a tad underwhelming. Normally, it's fantastic but this year it looked a bit plain.

Also, on the day I went at least (10th July) and I suspect the whole event, Audi was conspicuously absent. There were Porsches, Beemers etc but if you came to the Festival hoping to see some new Audis, you'd feel shortchanged. But those criticisms are minor and did not at all prevent the Festival of Speed 2021 from being a hugely enjoyable day out.

I cannot recommend this car show higher, it is fantastically organised and there is simply so much on offer. Ideally going across the whole weekend would be only way to see everything, Goodwood has it all!


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