My Dream F1 2022 Season Calendar

3d ago

I'm talking Silverstone, Baku, Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Mount Panorama!!

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      3 days ago
  • Interesting ideas - I do think the current calendar needs a shake up (not least to remove some of the needless forwards and backwards around the world element) but I would drop Monaco - it is only the "Jewel in the Crown" because e keep being told it is, there hasn't been a decent race there in years and frankly, if I want to see a procession of racing cars I could go to better places. I'd include the Kymiring in Finland - it is FIA Grade 1 and it wold be nice to go somewhere different and change things up a bit - the fact that we might entice Kimi back for a track guide has nothing to do with this suggestion - honest..

      3 days ago