- I​ want a 9-5 SportCombi but they are soooo rare :((

M​y Dream First Cars List

S​hort Summaries On The First Cars I Want

10w ago

B​MW E30

T​he BMW E30 is an affordable BMW sports car that drives really well and has lots of modifying potential. Sadly its creeping up in value so I might not be able to get one.

S​aab 9-4X

A​ beautiful, quirky, partical and very safe crossover? How could you say no that.

B​MW 6 Series

O​ne of my favorite modern gran touring cars. High milage cars can go for under 20k. Also beautiful, and practical too. A lot of car for the money.

C​adillac CTS Sport Wagon

A​ popular first car choice in the us for a good reason. Decent performance combined with the beautiful wagon body style and practicality makes it one of the best first cars in my opinion.

F​ord Mustang

A​mother American car on the list. The mustang, like the BMW 6 Series, is a lot of car for your money. One of the more modern cars on the list, but a high milage 2015/2016 V6 can go for 15-20k and a facelift EcoBoost will probably be around that in a few years.

P​orsche 911

T​he Porsche 911 996 is one of my favorite 911 models. Very good performance and handling, not to mention getting a Porsche. Also under 20k

C​hevrolet Corvette

T​he Chevrolet Corvette C4 is one of the best corvettes in my opinion. The stunning 80s styling makes it the best looking corvette, and its one of the cheapest too.

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Comments (30)

  • You have a very odd idea of what is affordable to the average teen.

      2 months ago
  • That is a nice collection of cars, although tbh I wouldn’t buy any of them as a first car. These would all make fantastic second cars, but you’ll have a lot more fun if your first car is something cheap that you don’t care about

      2 months ago
  • E30 a risk if it breaks. 6 series, incredibly expensive to insure, 911 hard to find for a good price, Mustang, nice, possibly a bit difficult to drive.

      2 months ago
  • Think of the insurance for one of those as a first car! I know your parents might be able to afford it but in my opinion you should take ownership of what's yours past about 16. I'd personally set a maximum budget of $10,000 at a stretch and see what you can get for that. A MK7 Ford Fiesta ST is a good example, or maybe a MK5 Golf GTi. Both are hilarious fun, relatively quick and practical enough too. And most importantly cheap.

      2 months ago
    • in the us those cars are about as expensive as the cars on my list

        2 months ago
    • Oh, in that case go bananas

        2 months ago
  • 20k for a first car??? None of them would be my choice for the budget but interesting list

      2 months ago