My Driving Journey - So how's it all going so far?

1y ago


I can safely say that all is going well, I did manage to make it back home in one piece, yes, that does mean I drove myself home on my 4th lesson. I did indeed think I wouldn't be driving myself home until much later on, however some mad man actually had faith in me to take the burden upon myself to proceed with the journey back to the madhouse. Inevitably there is room for improvement, my use of speed was one (whoops) and my positioning. It is intended on my next lesson to drive from home and it shall be my worst nightmare, here's why:

Emerging from the street in which I live in, looking left is all well and good, however something precarious that is drawn to the drivers attention immediately looking right is something every driver I'm sure loathes. (Unless you're an adrenaline junkie)

A blind spot. (Cue the dun dun dun duhhhhhh)

"...I would currently be screaming internally thinking I would never see through to the end of the week..."

Jess fellows

You might be thinking "Well okay it's a blind spot, deal with it bro" You have never been so incorrect. Unfortunately, about 99.9 percent of the drivers that drive up the road appear to have no idea what the massive sign with 'reduce your speed now' and the warning telling you there is a bend approaching means. You have to creep ever so slightly out of the road (and more or less out of your comfort zone) perilously trying to see if there is anything coming around the bend, but to no avail. You have to anticipate, and just when you think it's okay to move off, the next thing you know you're in the process of turning into the new road and someone nearly smashes into the side of you, the reaction from the occupants inside the car is unanimous: There is lots of swearing and blaspheming coming from the front, panic stricken younger children in the back and I would currently be screaming internally thinking I would never see through to the end of the week. The whole thing is transcendent I'm sure many will agree, It's a cinematic odyssey, and the exaltation I feel after we make it out alive every time makes you appreciate your existence on this godforsaken planet. So as you can tell, I'm very much looking forward to that moment.

On the whole, it's seriously not how I expected it, progress is indefinitely quick, I think I've done a hell of a lot for only 4 lessons, there isn't even that much more to cover except for parking and joining the motorways, after that it's all just practice. It's recommended I take my theory test for after Christmas, all is going considerably well on that, most of it is just common sense so hopefully all should be good. I shall take to Drivetribe once again in the forthcoming and update you on my endeavours.

*At this point I think "Have I got anything else to say?... oh yep"*

If you've read up until this point you must have some serious patience for a 17 year old who can't write.


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