- Road 2000, a classic road to drive in the Northern parts of Iran

My Duster Adventure - Episode 1 - Chaloos Road

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Being a car enthusiast and as someone who has owned numerous coupes and sports cars such as the VW Beetle Cup edition, it ca be pretty hard driving on fabulous roads with a compact(ish) SUV. But when a family car is a priority, you have got to make do with what you have and that is exactly what I did in the summer.

Our journey started from Tehran to the North of Iran, heading to Kelardasht , a small village hidden in a valley shadowed by mountains all around. From Tehran to Karaj are your average, normal, city highways. But you get past a small portion of the city of Karaj before you turn to a road called "Chaloos" one of the most astonishing, dangerous, and perfect driving roads you can ever dream of. Think of Need For Speed here. Think of Large mountains, highly curved roads, and fantastic views.

The amazing and twisty mountain roads begings around the number 59 on the map. Explore the road yourself virtually.

When you drive on Chaloos road, you are always challenged by natural and not-so-natural events that may or may not kill you. To start with, the twisty road is very old with lots of dents and dings in it, many of which seems to be due to falling mountain parts. You are constantly on your toes trying to avoid giant holes when you drive. Even though there are some protective shields in some parts, falling rocks are the first of many risks you can face. Being in the middle of the mountain and in high altitude means that nature can start playing different tunes for you. Rain, Sleek, Fog, Ice, Snow are highly expected.

Parts of Chaloos Road, Iran.

As it can be clearly seen from the above photo, the road is two ways with two lanes only, separated by a few grams of thin, faded, white paint. This brings the most challenging part of driving on Chaloos road and why it is important what car you drive here to minimize your risk. The road is most of the time packed during national holidays and not so much fun in a ten hour traffic jam. But if you choose the right time and on a weekday, you have struck gold. a Great driving opportunity. But not having much traffic also means a lot of drivers will drive fast and always try to overtake on the opposing lane. So one more element that can kill you is a sudden appearance of a car in front you coming the opposite direction. Of course buses, trucks, bikes, wild animals, and other factors are there for your driving satisfaction as well.

Twisty and foggy, the road begs your attention

In Episode 2 I will share the driving experience of the Renault Duster on this amazing road and share some of the amazing places we visited, especially the famous Road 2000.

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Restaurants at Chaloos Raod, Iran

Chilling by the road

Kelardasht, Iran

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