My Experience at the New England International Auto Show (Mostly Through Photos)

I Started at the FCA Displays, Zig-Zagging by Two Columns at a Time.

The most notable cars at the FCA were the Dodge Challenger Hellcat, The Fiat 124 Abarth, and Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, weirdly Dad and I missed the Alfa Romeo display for whatever reason, we did come back (after a failed attempt to wait for a chance to play on Ford's Forza Wheel Sim since there was no crowd control) to it to give a proper look and the Guilia got my Dad's attention.

A god in it's own right.

This "Fiata" is a beauty......-a!

Dinosaur? Yes. Keeps up with supercars? Hell yeah.

This pretty "lady" decided to come up!

Afterwards We Went on to Volkwagen, Ford, GMC, Buick and Mazda.

Ford was initially the first display we saw, but it was in tid bits. I'll show the whole display on this because we didn't see the Mustangs, Fiesta, and F-150 Raptor until after we saw Chevrolet. GMC was ok, though my Dad initially came into the autoshow with the idea that he initially wanted either wanted a mid-size truck or an SUV. I'll say this, he did eye ball a few such examples at the GMC, Ford, Chevrolet, Hyundai, and Toyota displays. But he did start to change his mind when viewing a few specific cars. Here's the three that did him in.

(the ||Hyundai Elantra Sport Turbo||; because we've driven an Elantra SE twice as a rental car in Florida and we liked it both times, plus he had one when he took his Silverado in for a fix and was very surprised how well the previous gen Elantra drove for a four cylinder (plus its options). ||Alfa Romeo Guilia||; this is the car that broke my dad's full desire for an SUV or truck, he loved the styling of the interior and exterior, he loved the power it produced in all trims (and did NOT care about the price), admittedly I compared the car to the Dodge charger when talking about roomyness (I can understand if anyone reading that got miffed, I can't complain) but that only got him to like it MORE. ||Hyundai Veloster N||;this was finally the hatchback in the show (other than a certain Honda that was also there) where my dad started to see their potential in sport performance, it was both my description of why the car is unlike the regular Veloster and the fact I drove one in Hyundai's Forza Heel Sim, WHICH ALSO HAD IT'S OWN MOTION SEAT!! (and crowd control thank god, my time was also 1:05:23 on Lime Rock if you were wondering).)

Anyway, back to the story, aside GMC my Dad wasn't into the Volkswagen and Buick displays, which was fine because I also didn't find much there except the Golf and the New Beetle too. For the Buick isplay the Regal GS AWD was the only notable car there too. Mazda stood out though because, well the styling of course! I eyed the Miata and the Mazda6 there!

Golfy boi is here!

Is this a Buick? More Buick than the rest of the production line (the heat is strong with this one!)

On some nice BBSes there this track special!

OwO what's this? A Mustang GT I see?

I Went to Some of the Backbound Displays and had a Nice Surprise

Next to the Mazda display were the sponsors and also the exotic cars sections, like McLaren, Bentley, Lamborghini, and Aston Martin. One of the sponsors were a rim brand that featured some nice modified cars as well, and one rim changed Corvette ZR1. I didn't see it all at once but I have no problem showing it all off now. This also includes a small shop that used a real Land Rover Defender 90 as a display and a rare-as-hell (and rusty) Bugatti (Type 23C?). Also the first display next to the Mazda display was from two auto museums, one of which I've been to already, Audrain Auto Museum (been to) and the New England Auto Museum (Have yet to see!). Both are located in (or around) Newport, Rhode Island.

From the New England Auto Museum side (the Corvette and the Superbird).

Now the Audrain side! Look at that '64 Cobra!!

A prize car Porsche, there were a couple cars there for raffle but this one is just nice!

Hello Mr. Bond

*tears up* RIP Ayrton Senna

It's actually much bigger in person!

Woud you like a Grey Poupon?

You say ew, I say nice

It's been places man. I wonder how much it's actually been driven.

Had to show the Bugatti, I had to!

Now Chevrolet and Toyota's Turn

Here my Dad looked at the Colorado, RAV4, and Tacoma. All the while We saw a little one person concept that a Toyota representative offered to take our picture in front of. In the Chevy display there was a Camaro SS and V6 but the V6 was more appealing because I hate the new black grill, and being there in person to see it didn't do it justice too. There was a Corvette Stingray Grandsport there! In the Toyota display I saw an 86 TRD, Corolla XSE hatchback, and Camry XSE there!

Well here's the little concept I was talking about. That's me on the left and my Dad on the right.

I struggled getting the picture because so many people got in the way. I took a second picture but it came out blurrier.

Why couldn't they stay with this look for the higher trims and the other for lower trims? Encourage people to take higher trims?

Dorifto machine!

Give the family a heart attack, it'll be fine!

Coming Up Next is Honda and Hyundai

I'll say this first, I missed taking a photo of the Civic Si but I had remembered when we were leaving anyway (plus it was snowing outside so now there was a really careful ride back home). At the Honda Display I saw the Civic Type R though and it looked great up close! My dad thought the price of it was reasonable ($37,500) for 306hp, but it took a while for him to associate the power to the engine which did leave him impressed with it. He did look at the Ridgeline as a worthy replacement to his Silverado because it was more accessible; storage under the folding rear seats, more room for the front and back seats, a "trunk" in the truck bed, rear door opens in two ways (horizontal and vertical), and at least had a V6 with better fuel mileage than the Silverado. I didn't get to take a picture of the Ridgeline though but that's fine.

Now the Hyundai display was a ball to be at. We did give a look to the Santa Fe and Tuscon, yes. We both hated the Kona (fittingly), me for looks and purpose, my Dad for the lack of quality in the safety accessories (that spare tire bay)... and the looks. The Elantra Sport Turbo (or the Elantra in general) we were already familiar with and we liked as I said earlier. I especially took a look at the Veloster, Veloster N, and even a Veloster N GTC racecar! Next to the Veloster N GTC was where the Forza Sim Demo was, with a motion seat, and a full force feedback wheel, where everyone was in a NORMAL LINE!! And where everyone had to be on normal difficulty (no assisted controls but ABS and TCS were on), as well as me getting a time on Lime Rock of 1:05:23. Yeah I loved that experience, I actually felt what it was like to drive the Veloster N, appreciate the movement inside the car when at speed in a race course (no that doesn't count as the long awaited track day for me lol). Feeling (and fighting) the car when I turn, brake, and accelerate. The Veloster N is surprisingly squirrely for a front wheel drive!

V-tec stole my heart yo!

I actually like this version!

This one surprised me! I haven't heard of a race variant of the new Veloster coming, but it was imminent.

Kia and Nissan Now

Both of us didn't take too long looking at the these displays, Kia having the least since the Forte and Stinger were the ones that caught our attention the best. The new Forte was on a rotating display, but I'd prefer to give closer look. The Stinger was awesome, the styling and the interior, in GT2 trim. It was as roomy as my Charger and the Alfa Guilia, but had a little squeeze getting out of the car like the Guilia (this is similar to the Dodge as well but my seat is adjusted to go lower though). The Nissan display had some good cars there too. My dad was not feeling the Armada, Titan, and Frontier (gas milage and options wise). I had to visit the R35 though, I kinda wish it was in orange or blue though. I almost took a picture of the Maxima but the Sentra NISMO is nice too.

It looks better for this year!

Sting me baby!

It's not bad, it gives more sportiness to an economy car (and at least they add more power- TOYOTA!!)

It doesn't look as good in white honestly, but it's still cool!

Now to the Luxury Brands! (Infiniti, Acura, Not Lincoln, Genesis, and more)

The Luxury displays were hit or miss with us. The misses were Infiniti, Lexus, and Lincoln. Infiniti because Though the styling looks nice in my opinion, my dad wasn't on board with it. His reason why was the same as for Lincoln, it just felt a little uptight (that was my opinion for Lincoln too but the only good car there was the Continental). Acura looked more lively, the sedans looked awesome for this year's lineup and the NSX was looking good as ever, plus they had a line for people to take pictures with it or in it too! Genesis and Volvo surprised my Dad, He thought Genesis was a part of Dodge for some reason but I kept telling him it was a part of Hyundai (which is probably made him like Hyundai more). The new Genesis looks like it's tearing away from the posh-esque look it normally has (the sedan's history of course) and trying to look sportier, an Asian Masarati if you will. The styling for Volvo also shocked my Dad, he's so used to it being the "safe" manufacturer as well as an economy brand, as for now it looks more like luxury. Lexus was a turn off because of its prices (and knowing how low they depreciate on resale it just added to the upset). The styling was good on some of them though. Audi is almost hit or miss, but more on the hit side. I liked seeing the R8 and an RS3 was in metallic green, interesting.


Best sedan on the display!Eau

Eau yeah..?

It's like they mixed a BMW 1-series and an Alfa Guilia! It's interesting, definitely gave me some curiosity.

The new Volvos look great but it's the tailights that don't do it for me. Hopefully they change the look of the taillights soon.

Cool and all but $81,600 for the F series and you don't even bring a lower trim for comparison?

As red as oxidized blood!

Almost Forgot Subaru!

They didn't have much but I liked the Impreza. Mainly because it's still the WRX but totally re-purposed as an economy car.

I'm gonna keep saying it looks like the WRX because the front. If you don't remember the Impreza WRX STIs of the past I'm gonna cry.

And Now for the Final Sponsor Displays of the Show (SCCA and Wrap Solutions)

Now here is where it gets a little weird, but awesome at the same time. Here was a display for SCCA. Showing off different race cars from different homologations and classes. Some of the liveries stood right out while some of the cars were almost barren, but still looked nice. This was right next to the Subaru display and ironically across from the Impreza sedan was, an '04 Impreza WRX STI rallycross car! Next to the SCCA display was one for Wrap Solutions. I've seen some of their cars drive around before and their designs on their "rolling billboards" look nice. Glad to see them there!

Thank you COBB

Gulf Beemer FTW

Looks like an Indylights car, still worth the picture!

I like the style Wrap Solutions!

I had a blast at the show with my dad and it was a great way for my Dad to consider a future choice in his next car. The convention center is based near South Station and is an impressive building. Here are a couple photos I took to try and get the scale of everything when we found access to two of the catwalks.

It was a fun time and remember the last day is tomorrow if you want to go in person!