It all started in April 2017 when i found out that a couple of video creators i like to watch started live streaming on twitch, so i created my account just so i could chat and i also found out how easy it was to play games and interact with people while doing so.

A week after there live stream i though i would give it a try just to test it out and see what it was like, to let you understand i also had a Vidme channel for creating videos on and liked the community aspect of Vidme which unfortunately shut down in December 2017, some people from Vidme where already streaming on Twitch so after making a tweet on Twitter and tagging some people i knew from Vidme i hit the start streaming button on OBS (Open Broadcast Software) i was live for the world to see.

My very first live stream was not without a few hiccups along the way due to user error in OBS yes that would have been me clicking on the wrong scenes, other than that it was a good live stream and i very much enjoyed the interaction with viewers while playing a game. The only problem was i could not be consistent with my streams which you need to be if you want to get viewers coming back.

The turning point was in April 2018 when could finally find time to stream consistently and frequently but i was advised to join some discord community's which i did and found a lot of support and help within Stream Outlaws by the time the end of May came around i was gaming just about every night and live streaming to Twitch, i had also reached the requirements for Twitch Affiliate.

We are now in 2019 and yes i am still streaming and gaming most nights sometimes even twice a day. Live streaming is a very good hobby to get into some people use it to make a living yes that would be a dream but i am happy with what i have achieved so far and i have even made some new Friends from all over the world thanks to live streaming.

Before i leave you i would like to say a few thank you's to some people who have helped me on my Twitch live streaming journey and for there help and support. Thanks must go to the following people.

The Brew Monks for getting me into live streaming and all there help with computer problems & setting up OBS correctly,

DgltOne (Digital One) for creating the Stream Outlaws and for all the support he gave me on the run up to gaining affiliate.

Bad At Gaming Girl for creating the community Bad City Gaming where i have made quite a few friends and also for her continued support and being an amazing mod in my chat.

Everyone at Stream Outlaws, Bad City Gaming and TWNN for there continued support, help and advice. Sorry, there are just too many names to mention individually.

If you are new to live streaming or thinking about starting yourself i would recommend joining some Discord Communities like the ones above or if you need help or advice feel free to contact me and i will try to point you in the right direction.

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