- 2017 GMC Sierra 2500HD Picture obtained from Google Images https://goo.gl/images/nkPirn

My Experience Riding in the 2017 GMC Sierra 2500HD

First, the looks

Although the design hasn't been updated since 2015, I find that the exterior and interior design is still striking. It makes the truck stand out from other trucks like it, and makes the truck overall more appealing than some of the leading competitors such as Chevrolet and Dodge Ram. The curves and lines make a bold statement about the truck, and the front grille and headlamps give you a sense of ruggedness and strength. As for the interior, the dash looks like that of a Nissan GTR, and the leather seats make you feel like you're sitting in a luxury car. The wood veneer adds to that feeling as well. The big screen in the middle of the dash is full of exciting things to press, such as apps in the Apple Carplay or Android Auto suite.

Sierra interior Picture obtained from Google Images https://goo.gl/images/YwWndL

Next, the engine

The Sierra comes with an array of different engine sizes to choose from. The one I got to experience was the 6.2 liter which comes with 465 horsepower. When on the road, the acceleration was incredible, bringing us to 60mph in just over 6 seconds. The standard transmission is a 6-speed automatic, which worked effortlessly throughout.

Third, the options and packages

If you think that a Ferrari comes with a lot of optional extras, you'll be astonished by the amount of options and packages that the Sierra comes with. Everything from towing packages to driver assist packages, off-roading assist options, and wireless phone charging. Its even got heated and cooled seats! And they're not cheap, either. Most are near or in the hundreds and thousands. My cousin's truck is fully loaded with all of the packages and options, so he paid an arm and a leg for his. However, although you may think that all these amenities are unnecessary, some really do come in handy, especially during this time of year when it's cold and snowing.

Lastly, the conclusion

Overall, I enjoyed my ride in the 2017 GMC Sierra 2500HD. It's powerful, bold, striking, mind-boggling, and impressive. But most of all, it's good all around. It can tow, accelerate quickly, off-road, and transport its passengers in style and comfort, all for a decent price, if you don't get too many optional extras. So, what's the verdict? I give it five stars, and most importantly, I give it my respect, because quite frankly, its earned it.

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