My Favorite Images & Cars of 2021

Recapping another year of automotive photography.

The weather has turned cold for much of us as winter has started to show it's ugly side. The tree's are shedding their leaves, the grass is dying, and the heaters are kicking on. The summer tires are coming off, and the battery tenders are being hooked up to the vehicles who will wait for warmer weather to come out again. With the holidays fast approaching, and each year seemingly going faster than the past, it is now time to go look back at some of the photo's I've taken over the year.

First I want to start with a gallery of hitting the streets and doing some car spotting. The days where you just grab the camera, and start walking around. The days of just hoping something photo worthy will be parked with and unobstructed for a nice quality image. Sometimes even the common car can catch the eyes if parked in the right light. Other days the higher end cars steal the spotlight. One thing you can say about just going out car spotting - you have no idea what you are going to encounter, and you have to make the best of each time out.

Moving along, some favorites of a driving road I like to set up shop once in a while. A small few mile stretch of road that offers a nice down and uphill section of road running down the palisades of the Kentucky River. A road that follows the terrain instead of cutting through it in a straight line. A place that brings me much driving therapy.

I suppose now is a good spot for some show coverage. I really didn't attend many big shows this year, but I did get out to a few. Although they are mostly populated with young kids and their overly flashy car styles, with tons of camber, and extra over fenders, they are still worth visiting. More so if entrance only cost you gas money to get there and back.

And of course, I try to attend the local Cars and Coffee as much as possible. Even though in our small metro area, there are 3 different cars and coffee's - I typically just attend the same one. It has a much better vibe to it. People seem to mingle more and it doesn't feel like a group of cliques and elitist. Not to mention it's the same one some of the super car/sports car collectors like to bring their cars too.

Next up on the recap, some from the local weekend enthusiast hang out spot. Usually it's a lot of the same cars/people, but sometimes some new people come, or someone buys or trades their way into something different.

To bring it to a close, some favorite photos of some of my personal cars I've owned through out the year.

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