My favorite songs by genre

Most genres are included except country.

42w ago

Classic Rock:

The Clash - Rock the Casbah

Rush - The Spirit Of Radio

AC/DC - Moneytalks

90's Hip Hop

2Pac - California Love

Notorious B.I.G - Big Poppa

Snoop Dogg - Nothin' But A G Thang


Bob Marley - Buffalo Soldier

Buju Banton - Untold Stories

Dennis Brown - Here I Come


Young Thug - Diamonds

Kevin Gates - Really Really


Classical Music

Beethoven - Fur Elise

Brahms - Piano Quartet No .1

Mozart - Serenade No .13 in G Major

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Comments (12)

  • No metal?

      9 months ago
    • Unfortunately I don't have enough metal songs that I like

        9 months ago
    • Oh. That's unfortunate

        9 months ago
  • There are a lot more genres out there to discover, but you are off to a good start

      9 months ago
  • Where’s the 70’s/80’s Manchester scene?

      8 months ago