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My favourite Car With An Electric Heart - The Charge 60s Ford Mustang

It is limited but, I want one...

My dream daily drive is the Ford Mustang - Specifically a 1967 GT500. I fell in love with the car the first time I saw it and It had none of the electric stabilisers and all the new stuff. Since then, I have always loved the mustang and will continue to do so.

Have I ever thought the Mustang would be electric? No.

Have I ever thought a 1960s mustang could get an electric heart? Yes.

Did I ever think it would happen within the coming 5 years? No. Hybrid - Yes.

Would I want an electric one? Eventually, Yes.

‘Eventually, yes’ arrived a bit too soon. Yesterday while I let my fingers run all over keyboard while drooling over cars on the internet, I stumbled upon this beauty - the Charge Mustang. It is from a company called Charge Automotive, out of the UK. It is an all electric mustang and from the sights of it, it comes in Highland Green.

Can switch from RWD to AWd

So what do you get - a 64kWh battery attached to a 50kW DC charger that will give you a range of 200KM. It will do 0-100 kmph in 3.09 seconds and have 7500Nm wheel torque and the ability to switch from RWD to AWD as you like. They call it RiWD/AiWD. You also can select you ride height to be lower, normal or higher. All the electronics is built by the partner company Arrival. It’s ok if you don’t know them they are specialists in creating electric vehicles and work with major companies like Williams Racing, Tesla, Audi and some more big players. Arrival was the company that introduced the Smart electric van for deliveries.

Screengrab from the Charge YouTube Video of the Charge Mustang's digital Interface.

Screengrab from the Charge YouTube Video of the Charge Mustang's digital Interface.

Get your choice of Fastback or convertible

They are using the officially licensed shells of the Mustang, you can get choose between a fastback or convertible. Charge Automotive will provide you bespoke interiors and state of the art digital interface and other electric car stuff.

Ok, I get it the range is less compared to other electric cars out there, but this is a car that one takes for a night out to showoff, like a drive on Vegas Strip and then go to the casinos and gamble away, later go home.

One unique part about this car is you can test drive this baby in many locations in the world - New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, Paris, Milan, Munich, Shanghai, Tokyo, Beijing and Abu Dhabi depending on their calendar for the location all between March and September 2019.

This car is limited - 499 examples of it. However, the real drawback of this car - a base price of £200,000 and will only rise depending on options. But who cares of the drawback(s), I want one - Fastback in Highland Green.

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  • This is worse than the most beautiful and needy woman with a sign around the neck that says "I've got aids".

      2 years ago
  • please stop putting electric engines in classic mustangs :(

      2 years ago
  • I don't hate it, I don't love it! I want to love it! 😎❣️

      2 years ago