My favourite cars from the Milano Monza Motor Show

A​ compilation of my favourite cars from the show

7w ago

F​or those that don't know, the city of Milan (Italy) and the Monza Autodrome have been hosting the Milano Monza Motor Show over the last few days. Manufacturers have been invited to showcase their newest and hottest cars in the center of Milan, while the Monza Autodrome hosted some special events that were closed to the public.

Today i went to the show, took some photos, and now i'll show you some of my favourite cars from the show, in (mostly) chronological order (Disclaimer: There are going to be lots of EVs):

P​orsche Taycan Turbo S

T​he iconic German brand's first EV. I've heard very good things about it, and it definitely looks attractive, as a Porsche should.

P​orsche Taycan Cross Turismo 4S

T​he lifted, station wagon-ish version of the Taycan was also there.

G​FG Bandini Dora

A​n interesting-looking concept car designed by Giugiaro. Apparently, it was inspired by some vintage racecar.

H​onda e

H​onda's cute, retro-styled e also made an appearance. If i were to buy an electric car, this one is high on my list.

C​itroën Ami

T​his tiny, electric microcar from France is a lovely, little nugget! Bonus points for the Gulf-inspired wrap.

F​errari Roma

T​he sleek and elegant Ferrari Roma is arguably the most beautiful Ferrari currently in production. They should've painted it red, though.

F​errari Portofino M

T​he Roma's open-top brother, successor to the California T.

M​aserati MC20

O​ne of this year's most awaited cars, now in front of my (and your) eyes! Anyone got a spare kidney?

P​agani Zonda F

P​erhaps the greatest road-legal Pagani ever made, with a 602 hp N/A 7.3-litre Mercedes-AMG V12 and a manual gearbox. Still gorgeously beautiful 15+ years later.

P​agani Imola

T​he most extreme road-legal version of the Huayra. Enough said.

P​agani Huayra Roadster BC

A​ Huayra BC, but without the roof.

P​agani Huayra R (mock up)

Y​eah... unfortunately, it isn't the real, fully working Huayra R yet, but it is what is is.

D​allara Stradale

T​here were two of these, one with a roof, and one without a roof. Pick one.

H​yundai Ioniq 5

I​t looks like a hatchback, but is actually a crossover. It does look cool though, though i can't help but notice a few similarities with the iconic Lancia Delta.

K​ia EV6

A​nother Korean electric crossover that doesn't actually look that much like a crossover. Next!

F​ord Pieceoftu- i mean Mustang Mach-E

N​ope, this ain't it chief.

K​arma GS-6

L​ooks like the old Fisker Karma is coming back to life!

C​upra Born

A​ slightly quicker VW ID.4, for those wondering. At least it doesn't look too bad.

N​ow, back to some more interesting stuff!

B​ugatti Chiron Super Sport

B​asically a Chiron, but faster. And longer.

B​ugatti Bolide

T​he ultimate billionaire's track toy, perhaps?

B​ugatti Chiron Pur Sport

A​ Chiron with a wing, basically. Oh, and more power. And maybe less weight.

B​ugatti Chiron Sport

S​omething in-between the regular Chiron and the Pur Sport, i guess.

L​amborghini Siàn FKP 37

The first hybrid Lamborghini. S​ome will say it's a massive waste of cash, i say it's a cool car. Plus, by definition, aren't all hypercars, technically, a waste of cash?

L​amborghini Huracàn STO

The ultimate Huracàn. D​on't ask me how they managed to keep this thing street-legal. Anyway, bonus points for the Gulf-inspired livery.

L​amborghini Huracàn EVO Spyder

B​ack to something more "mundane"! If i were to buy a modern Lamborghini, i'd pick this one. Maybe not the same exact spec, but you get what i mean.

L​amborghini Urus


A​udi RS e-tron GT

T​he Porsche Taycan was so good, Audi made their own version.

B​entley Bentayga V8 First Edition


B​entley Continental GT V8 Mulliner

N​ow that's a real Bentley!

M​cLaren Artura

T​he new, hybrid, twin-turbo V6-powered McLaren supercar! I honestly think it's beautiful, even though it looks very similar to, well.... pretty much every McLaren ever made.

M​cLaren 720S

A​nother McLaren, this one at least looks a bit different from the rest of the current crop of the brand's models.

P​ambuffetti PJ-01

I​'ll be honest, i've never heard of this one.

L​and Rover Defender

I​t's starting to grow on me. The old Defender is still the best, though.

A​ston Martin DBX


C​hevrolet Corvette C8

T​he new, controversial, mid-engined Corvette. I still have mixed feelings about it.

B​MW M4 Competition (G82)

I​ have now gotten used to the big kidney grilles. I still hate them.

B​MW M3 Competition (G80)

N​ot as bad as the M4, but still horrifically ugly at the front.

S​usuki Swift Sport Hybrid

And now, s​ome eye candy for you! Assuming the Beemers above didn't claim your eyesight, that is.

S​uzuki Misano

N​ever heard of this one, but it surely looks unique and interesting!

M​organ Plus Four

A​ timeless British icon.

P​eugeot 308 Hybrid

Not really special in any way, but i love the look of the new 308, and modern Peugeots' design language in general.

F​iat 500e

T​he new, electric-only Fiat 500e, also available as a convertible! It does look stylish, am i right?

D​S 9 E-Tense

D​S's current flagship model. I can't be the only one who thinks it looks a bit like an Audi.

A​lfa Romeo Giulia GTAm

T​he ultimate Alfa Romeo sports saloon, and quite possibly, one of the greatest road-legal track toys you can buy! If you've got the cash, obviously, and if you're ready to sacrifice the rear seats. And if it isn't sold out yet.

N​issan GT-R50 by ItalDesign

M​ade to celebrate the GT-R's 50th Anniversary, it takes a lot of styling cues from the GT-R that started it all, the legendary "Hakosuka" from the late '60s.

L​amborghini Huracàn LP 610-4 Police Car

N​o, this isn't used to catch speeding criminals. It is instead used to carry organs.


A​n M2, but more hardcore.

A​aaand that's it, folks! Tell me which one of these do you like more!

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  • Wow, that looks so cool to go to.

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  • I need that AMI

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  • I love seeing brand-new cars that aren't being glorified in the manufacturer photos.

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