My fear for the new Dacia Sandero

Cheap and cheerful may be having an identity crisis...

Dacia, I feel, have one of the greatest track records in terms of good over bad cars. For as long as I've lived at least, the Sandero has been a little happy-go-lucky hatchback, the Duster a rugged and very practical off-road/SUV thing idk, and the Logan.....well you can't always win. But today is the day where for the first time, I've seen the new stuff. The 2021 Sandero brings welcome change, but I am a bit puzzled, and dare I say troubled, for the sub-Renaults on this one.

Here's what I've seen so far:

Now that frankly, is a delightful piece of work. A very refreshed and yet recognisable design for cars as simply likable as they are. Seeing this image put great reassurance into my head, they had pulled it off I thought. So far we've been given GOOD NEWS (yes yes old joke whatever) about what we can expect in terms of the infamous pricing, practicaility and all the bits and pieces that go with it.

In the meantime though, we focus on design because that's always the most exciting part. Which brings me, and you really, to this article. Because that image above was not the first I saw. And the pictures from the same online piece I read also presented a rear view shot of the Sandero hatch, which will undoubtedly be Dacia's new center of attention. And that's where I became confused:

Now while having a look, you may be starting to wonder "Yeah, what's wrong with that?" but let me put you out of your misery so you can go read my one million other articles that I promise won't be as boring (self-esteem lvl -2). The old Sandero was brilliant. There was always one key word I used in Dacia's descriptions that I was swore by. Rugged. Now rugged does not mean it can climb mountains and paddle through lakes like a Defender or Silverado or anything like that. In this instance, I mean rugged looking. No Ferrari styling with curves and twisting lines and smooth running from front to back. Now look at the Sandero. A big circle is what I am seeing I don't know about you. And it just doesn't match. Another car comes to mind that I think does a little justice to my perhaps rather weird objection:

Yeah you've probably lost me...

Yeah you've probably lost me...

The annoying thing here is I know so many of you will have lost me now, but I need you to just look at the shape. The one big bending shape over the back. Maybe you can see it, if you can't well then oh well I guess move along๐Ÿ˜‚. My point here is that it's wrong. I know that perhaps the idea here was to further seperate the Sandero itself from its Stepway counterpart, but it just doesn't work for me. That's not a Sandero because the front and back are two different cars. Although not quite as extreme as May's Alfa-Saab in the Top Gear limo challenge I'm not saying look that far into it. Just too round and plump if you know what I mean (can't say I blame you if you don't).

And yes, it's just a cheap little go back-and-forth hatch but my time in cars has given me great appreciation and respect for the Sandero and even Dacia as a brand, which is why my little problem here has somehow been milked into an article in the name of content. I will say before I end it (the article by the way, I'm not that troubled by the Sandero) that the diffrentiation between the Sandero and Sandero Stepway plan is a great idea if that's what they're going for. The Stepway better not look like that at the back too though. Or I will declare war on Romania, even if that means losing almost immediately.

Anyway there's time for it to grow on me, and if all else fails, remember what we'll always have in the name of perfection:

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Comments (18)

  • Wait, wait, wait.... You had marbles?!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

      10 months ago
  • Firstly, i see what you mean. Secondly, I worry Dacia is going away from its roots (at least in the west). Dacia was meant to be cheap, this new Sandero is on the same platform as the new Clio and Captur, the old one still had common parts with the Clio 2 (rather than the Clio 4 which it was sold beside). Thirdly, whatโ€™s wrong with the Logan? Itโ€™s just a long Sandero. Granted, there isnโ€™t really a market for it here in the west but thereโ€™s nothing wrong with it

      10 months ago
  • There are 6 cars in that Sandero

      10 months ago
  • I sorta get what you mean in that it's less boxy. However I don't really care since you can buy far better used cars on the market for the price of that Sandero. If you buy a Sandero you've basically given up on life lol

      10 months ago