My first alfa ever.

The beginnings of my passion with the Italians started from watching the show "top gear" an that is why many of us are here today I'd imagine, so with that said I had to have an Alfa to mature into true petrol head status. According to an aging man I had seen on Tv. Searching the classifieds one day I found this master piece for 1,500€ OBO so I decided to take a leap, the guy ended up going for 1,250€ and I grinned all the way home thinking i had outsmarted the guy! what a bargain... until I thought I was the sucker that Had just bought a very very high Km's Italian fragile petrol engine with a rusting body attached to it. Apparently I was the Sucker.

First day o the driveway.

The wife didn't know I had bought an Alfa she would have never approved!, there fore i had set off to buy "winter tyres" I just never specified for witch car. and weather those tyres included a whole car for the price... She didn't find the joke as funny as I did.

Well after a few upgrades (second gen steering wheel and 18s wheels ) and of course the beginning of an addiction I decided to sell the little red Alfa, partly because since I had bought it I had bought another 3 and partly because I was always afraid of a high milage Italian sports saloon. to say the least I found a sucker passionate enough like me to over look all the warning flags and take it off my hands. I almost cried when the car left I knew there I was the sucker for letting go my first love.

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  • Brave indeed. Hehe. Not stupid of u ask ne. Nice Shot.

    1 year ago


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