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    My first car.
    18 years old, first year of college driving my mom's 06 scion xb, automatic of course. I've always loved cars, from childhood I was always fascinated with cars, the sounds and smells, always bringing a big grin to my face. Sadly growing up I didn't work on cool, fast cars. My father had a 98 ford taurus sho, but he worked on it on his own time. So I turned to video games, such as need for speed underground 2, hot pursuit, and gran turismo 4, and that's really what kept me into cars. As I got older I started to draw cars, build cars out of legos and watch youtube videos. Once I graduated high school, I started looking for a car, took me from September to February to find what at the moment I thought was the car for me. It was a black 2002 mitsubishi lancer oz rally. I loved it for two reasons, the styling, and it was a little brother to the evo. And my fiance and my parents liked it because it was an automatic. Sadly it fell through I was broke and couldn't shell out 2,000 dollars. I was in class when I learned that the price was raised I was pissed, so I started looking for another car on facebook in class. 15 minutes later I found my current car, a white 2002 mitsubishi lancer es, with a five speed for 1600 dollars, I was sold, classes ended and I hope in my fiance's car with my best friend and picked it up. I talked the owner down to 1500 because of the side damage and had my friend drive it home because I didn't know how to drive it.
    My parents were less then pumped for me and learned how to drive really quickly. I love my lancer, and I'm only the second owner on it, so the car is not that bad off. Now I'm looking forward to put coilovers, a short shifter and maybe new wheels on it. Cars are my passion, and hopefully I can get my foot in the door to be around cars all day everyday and get paid for it. Thanks for reading.

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