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My First Car Of Choice

In this article I will be explaining what first car I would like to buy.

25w ago

So, I am getting closer till I can start driving. I'm very excited to be able to drive. My brother and I are looking for my first car. At the moment we have found a 2001 Mercedes-Benz E430. The only problem it has is that it needs a new transmission. So, it'll be a project car on top of everything. It is going to be a pain but at the end I'm going to get the knowledge of how to do it. I know that every brand is built differently, but its a start.

The other car is a 1988 Z28 Camaro. It is awesome looking. And if taken care of correctly, you can make it look really good. The other reason why I want it is because the Camaro can come with a V8 in it. That will be fun to drive. If I feel like racing, I can take it to a drag strip and show how fast I can push the Camaro down the strip. When it is nice out I can take the t-tops off and enjoy the breeze.

So these are the cars that I want at the moment. But, my mind can always change anytime but I don't think it will soon.

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      5 months ago
  • What was your first car and do you have any suggestions

      5 months ago