My First Drive In A McLaren 720S!

A friend of mine bought this new 720S and leant it to me for some days, unfortunately it started snowing!

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  • Why the Ferrari Yellow highlight color? (Or was it the color science?) Love when range-topper Mclaren owners spec all black (I feel it’s Mclaren’s actual color over that “German’s orange” if that makes sense).

    As for that Orange 570 special, the seats are cool and all but damn that was the worst egress I’ve seen since Clarkson fell out of a car.

      3 years ago
    • I really like the yellow details, no reason behind it just what he liked also. Regarding the seats I haven't seen that part with Clarkson falling out of them but I need to!

        3 years ago
    • Haha well just don’t show him what Novitec has done w the 720s... I generally preferred =vorsteiner the past 5 years but now Novi got in tune w the design, sound, and power trends. Drive safe

        3 years ago
  • Sweet video Luke! What a car... You can send it on over here when your finished with it!

      3 years ago