My First Driving Lesson...

Stalled only once, didn't crash, still alive...guess you could say it went okay?

3y ago

Today was the day I finally got myself behind the wheel of a car and actually drove. It's still trying to sink in but its failing to settle, I can't find the words to describe how great it is to finally be on the open road, doing what I've always wanted to since I was a young child. It was pretty basic today, however it's a lot to take in. I knew the basics in terms of practical, pedals, indicators and all sorts, its the technical parts of it that were hard to take in. Me being who I am inevitably, I struggle catastrophically to take in information, metaphorically speaking I'm no sponge, it takes a long while for me to take in and interoperate information, repeat it to myself in my head and process it, that's just the way my mind works, which is why the teachers at sixth form find me a pain in the arse when it comes to revision. I found it hard to grasp the concept of checking of mirrors and blind spots, also where my hands were to be positioned on the steering wheel when turning at the start, but after some more practice I just started to get the hang of it until the lesson ended.

Scary? Yes. I have huge anxiety when it comes to things like this, like with everything I do in most aspects of life.

My lesson today consisted of turning left, stopping and stetting off and I also completed two roundabouts, scary? Yes. I have huge anxiety when it comes to things like this, like with everything I do in most aspects of life. I tend to panic when I do something wrong and then make the situation worse by doing something else wrong because of my blind panic, but I kept my cool (even though I have no hint of cool in me at all but okay) and I apparently says my driving instructor Tom, did very well for my first lesson, he said my knowledge on cars helps with the whole thing (I'm very glad to say)

Happily my confidence grew throughout my hour and a half of dream come true time, incidentally I came home yapping about the whole thing to everyone, which turned out well except I think the reason why I'm isolating myself in my room right now writing this is not because "its a teenage thing" my mouth ran away with itself lets just say, no one wants to hear anymore about it.

In terms of the last article I wrote I would like to personally thank everyone for their input, I have taken your advice into light and it has helped me sort everything out so thank you for that. Still need to pick an insurance provider, however I think I may have found my first car. Watch this space...

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  • Loved reading this and it has me so hyped for my first lesson too, not long now!

      3 years ago
    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it! It is really enjoyable, good luck for when it comes make sure to you give us feedback when you’ve done it so we can compare :)

        3 years ago
    • Thank you! I'll probably write my own article when it finally happens, would love to compare 😊

        3 years ago
  • Its been two years since I started the driving process and got my learners. Ah I remember my first driving class, for the few minutes I was really really scared even doing 20 or 30 kmph. As time went by it grew on me and now I could even get up in the middle of the night and drive, its become an instinct. Good luck with your driving Jess, it seems you were alot more confident than me for your first time!

      3 years ago
  • Very well done. So pleased for you 😃

      3 years ago