My first gymkhana event

With the event taking place right after I'd changed the rear brake pads, this would be my first opportunity to actually test out the hydraulic handbrake, which was something to look forward to.

New grippy tires in the front, 8 year old winter tires in the back - a good combination if you want to be sideways

The course was laid out between some cones and was mostly done in first gear - perfect for a first event! My competition was in the form on a bit over 10 other BMW E36's, as this was a club event. Here's a video from my best run:

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As for how it went - by some miracle, I actually won the event, meaning that, at least for now, I am unbeaten in gymkhana. Should I retire from these events just to be able to say that? Nah. I'll probably do a few more, gymkhana is really fun!

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    Do you think you're as good as the trio?