M​y first impressions of iOS 14

T​his is a roundup of my favourite known and not so well known features!

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The other day, Apple released the iOS 14, and iPadOS betas today and I have downloaded them so you don't have to and these are my first opinions of iOS & iPadOS 14! Is it worth downloading, or should you wait for the proper release in autumn?

B​est features

iOS 14 is one of the greatest leaps forward in iOS since it first came out, there are so many features I love, some people may argue that Apple are years late, but the features are so much better on iOS than they are on Android. My favourite features are as follows:


F​inally, us iPhone users can rejoice! iOS now supports widgets on the "Home Screen", this is brilliant and I honestly don't know how I could live without them, especially "Smart Stack" which can automatically decide which widget you see at a certain time.

B​ack Tap

R​ight, I know for a fact this feature has been well used and loved in Android, but this is buried in the menus of "Accessibility" settings on iOS is a feature called "Back Tap". "Back Tap" is incredible, you can set it up to do almost anything. I'm trying it with double tap to go home and triple tap to open the app switcher, but you could set it up to open anything, I've even seen people use the "Shortcuts" app been used to open the Google assistant when it's double tapped.


i​OS now feels incredibly safe, it has lights next to the WIFI and battery indicators to inform you if your camera/microphone have recently been used, and if you open the "Control centre" it can tell you which app has used the camera/microphone last. It reminds me a lot of the light on my MacBook and iMac which lets you see if the webcam is on.

A​longside the lights that let you see when the camera was last used, when pasting a link, it tells you where you pasted the link from, which is just brilliant. Now you can see what app the link has come from. There are many other security features, but there is too much to write about!

A​pp Drawer / App library

N​ow the "Home Screen" on iOS can be more altered than before. Do you know where every app exactly is on your Home Screen? Well you don't unless you only have a page, but the new "App Drawer" assorts apps for you and the "App Library" can let you do an A-Z of all your apps and search individual ones.

S​IRI & notifications

Hallelujah, SIRI doesn't take up the full screen anymore, neither does incoming calls or FaceTime calls, meaning if you're doing something it doesn't get disrupted. I'll show SIRI as an example, but it is much like the Google Assistant on Android.

P​icture in Picture & Translate

I​f you own an iPad or Mac, you may be familiar with "Picture in Picture", which means if you're watching a video, it will appear on different apps if you switch or go "Home". This is great, videos don't stop now if you have to do something else. Translate is much like Google Translate, but it is built into the iPhone as standard, there are many modes such as a conversation mode which lets you talk in one language and it will translate it then let the other person reply.

S​hould you download it?

I​ have been using the beta for the past 24 odd hours and have picked up a lot of features, but these are only a few and there are hundreds more. Unless you have another phone, or if you're near a charger most of the day, avoid it. This has been one of the more stable betas, I've encountered (I've been part of the beta program since 2016). If you want to see the future features of iOS, download it though!

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