My first Japanese barn find!

Barn finds are getting rarer and rarer, but I'm proud to say I just discovered one! Nothing really valuable, but still pretty damn cool nonetheless.

A friend of mine owns a classic car restoration shop and lacks space. One of his contact told him about a this hangar that he knew. The owner would let him rent the place if he were to clear it up... "There are cars inside, some even have registration papers. They are yours for free, just clean this shit up for me", said the owner, genuinely tired of all this crap laying around

Well, at your orders my friend! A few weeks ago, we went to scout the hangar for the first time and first thing we noticed was... A 1989 Camaro RS with 40000 KILOMETERS on the clock! Not even miles, no, a genuine import model of the perfect mullet-mobile! And yesterday, with a new battery in hand, we started it for the first time. It started immediatly!! Like if it was parked yesterday! It had been in there, untouched for 10 years and the damn thing started on the first key turn! I was simply astonished. A few other things were abandoned in the back too. But enough talking, crappy cell phone pictures time!

Not a scratch, just VERY dirty and in need of a new front grill which is cracked

The right rear tire (not pictured here) was completely destroyed though. Eaten and destroyed by all those years. Other tires a done too but survived better nonetheless.

The interior still looked brand new... The steering wheel just needed a bit of a clean and that's all.

Unused and still new looking door panels

41822km on the clock. On a freaking Camaro RS. How rare is that huh??

A quater turn of the key is all it took for this one to start right up, immediately!

3 or 4 trucks are also stored in the hangar with the Camaro, including a Mazda Porter Cab. In the back, WAY too rusted to be saved, a bunch of other cars were rotting away. Out of those, only one will be saved. An ultra rare Isuzu Unicab, the Japanese Citroen Mehari (random photo as it's still under a tarpaulin)

Isizu Unicab

Two bosozoku bikes were also included and will be sold. Both Hondas. Forgot what they were though... If you guys know.

A Corolla wagon with Merc 560SEL in the back

The interior of the Merc. New looking... The car only has 100.000km

So pretty much everything will be either sold or crushed, my friend will only keep the Isuzu Unicab... I'll get to drive the Camaro to the auction in a couple of weeks too. Some parts might get taken from the Merc and sold for spares but restoring most of those cars would simply be way too expensive. If you guys need some spare parts for a 560SEL, you know who to reach!