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Meet Jazzy Jeff, my slightly beaten up 2002 Honda Jazz.


Cars go with you through everything. They take you to your new job, they move you to your new home, they get you through your breakups, they take you to your friend’s house when you’re feeling low… they’re an important part of anyone’s life, so buying your first is a pretty big deal.

I am a firm believer that your first car should be a little bit rubbish. Your first car should be a beaten up, fourth hand, squeaky early 2000’s banger. Forget a brand new Mini Cooper S on your 17th birthday, you need to feel the burn of having a car that has already had three owners (I am so grateful for Jelly Belly air fresheners). You need to feel the stress that comes with your brake lights going out every other journey, and the effort of pulling your dashboard apart in order to fit an AUX cable in because your radio refuses to work despite your aerial being embarrassingly long. You need to feel the pain of hearing something snap as you drive down the M6, and knowing it’s something in your car but praying it’s your arm instead. You need to endure the temperamental cars, so that the Porsche 911 feels even more rewarding in 10 years time.
It’s a good job I believe this, because that is exactly what I got. Meet Jazzy Jeff, my slightly beaten up 2002 Honda Jazz.

When I walked over to the battered, silver Honda Jazz I thought my father was kidding.

Freya Walton

I moved from my hometown to Birmingham, and I realised it was finally time for a car. Ideally, I did want a Mini. They’re sweet, efficient and great to drive. But when my Dad, the car enthusiast, took me to the second hand scrap yard it wasn’t looking positive. When I walked over to the battered, silver Honda Jazz I thought my father was kidding. It was huge! And I am 5’3″ with short legs. There was no way. In fact, I think my exact words were “old man there is absolutely no way I am getting in that piece of shit family car.” Charming, as always. But he was convinced I would love it, and as usual, he was right and I did. I drove away feeling on top of the world with my new wheels, and drove straight to my friend’s house who said ‘HAHA you’re joking right?!’ (thanks Jess). Since then, Jazzy Jeff has been a life saver. He does 0-60 in about 10 weeks, and the gear change from third to fourth takes roughly 5 days but he is completely reliant, safe, spacious and lovely to drive with amazingly light steering. It’s a car I would recommend to anyone. Since I took Jazzy Jeff home he has had a whole load of TLC, and looks better than ever. I am now officially a Honda girl. And did I mention he has a sun roof that totally opens? What more could you want?

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  • I just traded in my 2008 Fit (Jazz) for a new one. I needed a spare car while my Fiat was in the shop (again and again and again). The Fit was problem free, the Fiat wasn't. The moment the Fiat was running problem free, I traded it in, along with the old Fit, for a new Fit. It may not have the moves of the First, but at least it moves.

      1 year ago
  • The gear change is one of the jazzs finest features. And 0-60 in 12 second is entirely reasonable. Stop talking rubbish.

      2 years ago