My First Panda

What was your first panda like?

4y ago

My first Panda was my very first car. 2005 1.1L of awesomeness. It was driven by an old woman very carefully so it was well taken care of. Serviced by a local Fiat dealership. Unfortunately, once I got my hands on it, I decided to do something that no one in Ireland would think of doing. Start modifying it!

It started off simple as I didn't have a clue what to do. New head unit. Changed the speedometer with a 1.2 Panda. Straight piped with Ulter back box. Brembo Max groved disks with EBC Black Stuff all the way around. Rota Grid V 15"x7" alloys wrapped in Blacklion tyres. I had different suspension setups such as FK struts with Novitech lowering springs which were then replaced by Fiat 500 FK AK Street coilovers. Bit of a mad idea, but a custom roof rack made from a pallet I had found in a business park.

The Panda got so much hate and love for what I had done to it. But I think that's what made it special. And knowing that to this day, the owner still looks after it makes me love it even more. I regret the day I sold it. But frankly, I had to grow up and move on. There will always be a special place in my heart for this special little bucket.

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