My first year with my MK7 R

Tex Lee posted in Mk 7 R

2y ago


This is my 2016 Limestone Grey Golf R, Betty. She is a beautiful thing, isn't she?

Betty was my first foray into VW performance, but I was pretty familiar with the platform with my previous car being a B7 A4 Quattro, also named Betty.

Black Betty sitting pretty.

Not long into ownership of the R, the mod bug hit. I picked up a fresh set of 1552 wheels and not wanting to lose my DCC functionality right off the bat, I settled on VWR lowering springs. The springs gave me enough of a drop but didn't negatively effect the ride really at all. Along with the other suspension upgrades, I added a SuperPro rear sway bar and an 034 Motorsport snub mount.

The newest version of the EA888 is an absolute monster.


After the suspension was to my liking, I started in on the engine bay. The newest version of the EA888 is an absolute monster. Without any modification, it sits at 292hp and 280ft lbs.... so I decided to start modifying it any way. My first purchases were a Forge Motorsport Air Intake and a Clutch Delay Valve Delete from ECS. I noticed both immediately after the install. Whether it was a placebo effect for the intake bolstered by the "sounds of fast" now coming from the engine bay, the car just felt faster. I was not disappointed.

The amazing Forge Motorsport Intake System

318 turns in 11 miles... that drive makes your hair stand up on end.


Enter, Wookies in the Woods. This was my first time going to the crazy event that is WitW. An enthusiast event that takes place in the mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee, on the famous stretch of road know as The Tail of the Dragon. 318 turns in 11 miles... that drive makes your hair stand up on end.

It is a gathering of Mk4 through Mk7 generations of the R32 and R models. There are some other interesting swaps and builds, but they are the minority for sure. It is a 3-4 days event of driving, sharing stories, fixing break downs and swapping your local brews. If you haven't been, I strongly encourage you to check it out.

A year later and my love for my car is still alive and well. I have since added an HPA Motorsports Catless Downpipe and some Euro LEDs straight from Germany. A tune and some other goodies will be coming after the new year.

I love groups like this because it gives us car people a chance to share info and our insane addiction with each other. Some of my greatest friends I have met at car functions or in a group/forum off the internet. If you are ever in the state of GA or at an event in my area, be sure to look me up and I will buy you a beer. Cheers!

Durty Dubs meet at Red Brick Brewing Company in Atlanta.