- My RS gets a new exhaust system!

My Focus RS Gets A Phone Controlled Exhaust!

5w ago


By Tim Burton

With my Focus RS Red Edition still quite new, it's time to add some more upgrades to the car. This time, it's a trip to Sutton Bespoke, the official UK Distributor of Australian XForce Varex systems. My RS is getting the very first XForce Varex catback system in the UK!

The XForce Varex systems come with a smart controller and an app, meaning you can control the variable valves on the exhuast from your phone, or through a whole host of different factors. For example, it could be connected to RPM, throttle pressure, speed or even based on a geographical location!

Join me in the video where we take a look at the car before and after the exhaust has been fitted, and I walk you through how it all works!

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Comments (4)
  • Interesting. How does it work

    1 month ago
  • Is there any variable exhaust for 03 g35?

    1 month ago


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