- My RS gets a new exhaust system!

      My Focus RS Gets A Phone Controlled Exhaust!

      An XForce Varex Exhaust for the Red Edition!

      2y ago


      By Tim Burton

      With my Focus RS Red Edition still quite new, it's time to add some more upgrades to the car. This time, it's a trip to Sutton Bespoke, the official UK Distributor of Australian XForce Varex systems. My RS is getting the very first XForce Varex catback system in the UK!

      The XForce Varex systems come with a smart controller and an app, meaning you can control the variable valves on the exhuast from your phone, or through a whole host of different factors. For example, it could be connected to RPM, throttle pressure, speed or even based on a geographical location!

      Join me in the video where we take a look at the car before and after the exhaust has been fitted, and I walk you through how it all works!


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      Comments (4)

      • Thats amazing. It would be make more sense if you could add the app to a screen in the car and have a more immersive driving experience.

          2 years ago
      • Interesting. How does it work

          2 years ago
      • Is there any variable exhaust for 03 g35?

          2 years ago
      • I agree with Andrew. Instead of an app on your phone, why not an app through the car? Its illegal in OZ to handle a mobile phone whilst driving though, regardless if the pone is being used for text or a call. I am not sure if this is the same in other countries. You would need to stop the car and switch off (and yes, take the key out of the ignition) to make the changes you want, legally here from your phone before restarting. Maybe thats why its on a smart phone and not in the car touch screen! But equally, is it better to do this from the cars touch screen, like any other adjustment and stay within the rules? I have not watched vid, so that might have been explained, but is this promoting seamless changes whilst driving or whilst stopped?

          2 years ago


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