My Forza Horizon 4 Experience Through Photos

- Newcomer (Charger Daytona in Edinburgh, prepare the noise complaints!)
- Interrupted (I saw this guy taking a picture of my car so I did the same with his (the Peugeot) but a Transit decided to say hello)
- Red 90 (This was based on a Defender 90 I saw on a tv demo reel walking through a BJ's Wholesale Store)
- A Couple Customs (I somehow neglected to post this for over a week weirdly enough)
- Velocity Boi (This was a prototype Rally livery I wanted to make for the Veloster N. I was hoping that textures were gonna be in update 3 of FH4 but alas, the wait continues)
- Throwing Snow (I wanted to have a little fun in the Quattro lol)
- To the Horizon (The TRUE highest point!!)
- Spoopy Outlook ((Livery name: Spooky Transit) Made this in time for Halloween!! (Turn 10 if you're reading this fix the livery mapping on all of the cars because it's god aweful))
- Racer Past Line (The TVR Cerbera we deserved for so long!! It's really hard to tune but once you get a feel for it you could make some damage to the racing field!)
- Have a Miller (It's Miller Tiiiiiime)
- Scotto Time (I tried imitating Scotto's Land Rover Discovery and it turned out pretty good, although I made the mistake of utilizing the engine to imitate the power numbers of a Cummins inline-4 single turbo crate engine. V8s are obviously heavier.)
- Clean Drive (I made the two tone here but it's not shared. I felt like it didn't need to be since it was fairly easy to make. But god this thing is gorgeous!)
- Daytona Shot (The charger is a really nice looking car if in the right color.)
- Winter Heights (It was just before this that I got my first barn find.)
- Royal Visitor ((Livery name: Manilla Drifter) One of the first things I did in the game after the first season change out of the roster.)
- Splash (demo)
- All speed (demo)
- At the gables (demo)
- Oh joy! (in demo)
- All Power (in demo)

All of my photos so far in Forza Horizon 4 right here in this post (from latest to earliest). #forzatography

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  • Very cool, more pics please 👍🏼😁

      2 years ago