my friend Geoff fought The law. The law won

We’ve all heard tremendous “being pulled by the police” stories but few can match this one…

Way back in the olden days, a friend of mine had an Alfa GTA with a bashed in front. It was a wreck and there were many mice nesting in the interior. But under the bonnet, it had an unsilenced Ferrari Dino engine.

My friend – we will call him Geoff, because that’s his name – was hammering up the motorway on his way to, let’s say Hull, because that’s where he lived. Geoff loved cars and he loved that Alfa more than anything so he was going fast enough to attract the attention of a police patrol car. Which gave chase.

Geoff has no idea the police were trying to catch up as he turned off the motorway and really put his foot down. This caused the police to think he was making a run for it so they called for back up and helicopter gunships and God knows what else.

My friend – we will call him Geoff, because that’s his name – was hammering up the motorway on his way to, let’s say Hull, because that’s where he lived

Jeremy Clarkson

Nothing however, could be further from the truth. Geoff was loving the last bit of his late night journey home. The roads were quiet, the engine was singing and in the bends, that little Alfa was dancing beautifully.

Eventually though, Geoff reached a village where he thought it’d be sensible to slow down. So he did and to his great surprise he was swamped almost immediately by many police cars. There followed a lot of shouting and some intimate searches,

The police wanted to know why he hadn’t stopped when they turned on their blue lights. “Ah” said Geoff. That’s because the rear view mirror has come off and is in the glove box. So why, enquired Plod, after they pointed out that he’d be charged with this as well as speeding, didn’t you hear our sirens? “Ah ” said Geoff again“That’s because my silencer is broken so the exhaust is very loud”. He was done for that too.

Later in court he pleaded “emotional dependence” on his Alfa. But the magistrates were having none of it and he was banned from driving for three years.

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  • Police don't care. They follow orders and collect money. And one bad decision that harms no one can ruin your life for a while or forever.

    But police will do 100mph down highways without lights on and then pull us over for doing 80 and bitch us out for being dangerous.

      3 years ago
    • If he was speeding fine pay the fine and let him go. Hardly a menace to public safety (well maybe the Alfa, but...) 😊

        2 years ago
  • Geoff wasn't paying attention. Had a similar story.

    My love of my life - 700 BBP - Had suffered a collapse in oil pressure, and I had just finished the engine re-build in a barn on our farm just outside London.

    Took a risk and went to the cinema 10 miles away, without having re-registered her, and was accompanied by a friend, an accomplished kart racer. Nothing out of the ordinary until just before home, when a police car - Ford Escort - pulled out of its hiding place as we passed the delimit sign and turned on its blue lights.

    Decision - quickly taken to outrun the boys in blue.

    It was 11.30pm and our village, Stanstead Abbotts was empty of traffic and pedestrians and we pulled out a sufficient lead to pull off down a road leading to one of our farms, Rye House Farm & switched off our lights.

    The Police shortly after disappeared at speed on the A414 to Harlow.

    I drove back home via the fields and took my kart racing friend home in another of the farm cars.

    The point of the story is that this classic AC Ace - Ruddspeed with triple Webers 40 DCOE is still running nearly 50 yrs later with any major engine repairs despite being raced by the new owner.

    I kick myself for selling it before leaving UK for Australia, as this 1 of 37 has increased in value by more than 170,000.

      2 years ago
  • We'll call this funny. Because it was

      3 years ago
  • Geoff is my new favourite person, until

    Hammond crashes something again at least

      2 years ago
  • The judge had no soul, probably the type to let a murder off..

      2 years ago