- This could be the highest specced F12tdf ever!

My Friend's NEW Ferrari F12tdf is the FINAL ONE!

I head down to Imola to drive the final of the 799 Ferrari F12tdf!

3y ago

Join me in Italy to check out the most special Ferrari F12tdf you will ever see, belonging to my friend @gregb.23! This car is the final one of the 799 F12tdfs to be built and has a Tailer Made options list that is so long it didn't fit on the spec plaque in the car. Let's take a look around the extremes of personalisation on this special Ferrari before Greg offers me the keys to go for a little drive and experience the beauty of that screaming V12!

After joining Greg earlier in the year for the collection of his Pagani Huayra BC in a familiar colour scheme and also his LaFerrari Aperta, this time around he has only just taken delivery of Ferrari's most recent special series, the more focused variant of the F12berlinetta. Any F12tdf is an awesome car, but make it the last one they build, with a bespoke finish as dramatic as this one and you're looking at something very special. A huge congratulations goes to Greg on the new car and a massive thanks for the opportunity to go exploring with it.

Please do give him a follow at: instagram.com/gregb.23

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