my generation's lack of interest in motorsport

2y ago


Let's be honest. If you're on this website, you have some interest in cars I assume. If you're a young millennial who is interested in cars, you or a friend probably follow some sort of Motorsport. Whether its Drifting, Rallycross, Formula 1, NASCAR, or IndyCar, you or a friend I assume has a strong interest in some form of motorsport. However, if you ask your friends that don't have a strong interest in cars, and drive their mom's hand-me-down Honda Civic, they are more interested in looking at what's going on with some couple in Hollywood (probably the Kar-Trash-ians) and they probably shouldn't be your friend anyways.

World Rallycross is LIT AF FAM

It sucks, really. My generation of people aren't interested in motorsports at all, because major media would rather talk about hollywood gossip and when you say "race car" in America, it somehow is only translated to "NASCAR", and then is deemed "BORING". I had two free tickets to the Indianapolis Grand Prix a year ago, and nobody wanted to go with me because they feared it was too "boring" and they didn't want to watch "NASCAR". Really, NASCAR? I showed a peer a picture of World Rallycross, and they had the audacity to say "I'm not interested in that kind of crap. It's so boring. Left Turn Left Turn Left Turn" (Excuse me, blithering idiot. They were making a right turn!).

They are more interested at what's going on with some couple in Hollywood and they probably shouldn't be your friends anyways.

Paul Fodde

I think that my generation's problem with the lack of interest in Motorsport is that it's too boring for the average person to watch, and mainstream media doesn't care about anything but the crashes or deaths. I don't think that a normal person who just tuned in to a Grand Prix (because the Wendy Williams show went to commercial break) is gonna be super interested in watching Lewis Hamilton save fuel and conserve tires while having a 17 second lead. I don't think they are too interested in Kyle Busch having a 3.5 second lead over Carl Edwards at a 1.5 mile track. I might be interested in the different pit strategies, but we can't blame them for not being interested. Racing all around is getting better though, with NASCAR ditching the COT (Car of Tomorrow) and World Rallycross making a HUGE impression with the younger crowd. If there's anything to blame for them not being interested- it's not their ignorance- it's not giving racing a chance and always deeming it "NOT A SPORT" just because it's cool to say that or something. I think the younger crowd has a term for these types of people, and that term is "BASIC BITCH".

The true dark ages. The ugly "Car of Tomorrow", thankfully now the "Car of Yesterday".

If you have a friend who isn't interested in cars or motorsports and won't give it a chance, they probably shouldn't be your friend anyways. If you have no friends now because all of your friends are 21 and more interested in partying and hooking up with a random girl, you can consider me a friend. If you don't accept that, well I'm sorry. I'm called a maniac for a reason.

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