My Grand Tour drift instructor has a new YouTube channel

What a chap

You may remember when champion Polish drifter, Bartosz Ostalowski, taught me to drift on the Grand Tour. Specifically, you may remember that the fact he has no arms, having lost them both in a biking accident, in no way held him back from not only being a champion drifter but even teaching a dullard like me to slither about a bit; albeit without the style and panache that makes his own drifting stand out.

We’ve stayed friends since and he’s appeared on DriveTribe more than once. Well now he has his own YouTube channel and you should check it out. There’s just no getting round the fact that the guy is an inspiration.

W​ith content featuring Bart as well as Ken Block and yours truly, his channel is certainly worth subscribing to!

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Comments (43)

  • That guy blows me away. Such a huge talent.

      1 year ago
  • Thank you Richard ❗😍😍

    Thank you everyone for the nice comments! Let's rock on my channel 😃👣

      1 year ago
  • Best armless driver I’ve ever seen! But technically I haven’t actually seen him or any other armless driver

      1 year ago
  • Good for him he’s really good! Much better without arms than me with arms

      1 year ago
  • This dude is awesome

      1 year ago